Arsenal Monday, We’re almost there!

So after the loss yesterday I’m just looking to getting to the summer and see who we bring in in the transfer market.  I’m thinking three will come in and anywhere from 3-6 will leave as far as first team.

I think if Cesc leaves, or even if he doesn’t we HAVE to get Hazard.  Hazard is a great midfielder/winger for Lille and is basically triple teamed by every team in Ligue 1.  He has been literally a Hazard for opposing teams this year and Lille will even see Champions League next year as they are in first place.  Hazard is third leading scorer for Lille and has been rumored to be in the thoughts of many top teams among Europe.

Although Hazard claims he is happy at Lille, Arsenal have been looking at him for quite some time.  Hazard has also said he wouldn’t mind a move to Arsenal but has also said that about other teams in Italy and Spain as well.  Arsenal were thought to have a transfer fee agreed and first choice on him, only for Lille to up the price when they realized what they had on their hands.  I think it’s imperative we do get him though, whether we let Fabregas go or not.

Many of you probably think, another small midfielder/winger is not what we need.  In fact its exactly what we need because while we have a few of those, they aren’t of the right quality.  Arshavin has obviously lost it and Miyaichi may not be able to play for us next season again.  Nasri may not re-sign for Arsenal unless he has guarantees that he will be our main man in the middle which I would probably be alright with.

I also think we have other areas of need but I’ll save that for a different time when I feel like talking about Per Mertesacker and a Striker.  Mostly because I would rather talk about players we already have.  I’m always really excited when we get to the Emirates Cup mostly because we get to see some young talent combined with a few 1st teamers.  I’m excited to see Frimpong again, and probably more so Coquelin who has had a stunning year with Lorient.  Lorient has put him on the right, as well as in middle where he is more comfortable and it even looks like he’s grown a bit.

His most recent start was against Marseille and for a young player to be playing full games against big teams like that is very Wilshere-like.  So I’m pretty excited to see him, Frimpong, and possibly Pedro Botehlo.  Word is, Botehlo has been in Spain for 4 years now and has a Spanish passport which makes him eligible to play in England.  I assume he will go right into the first team as well.  I have been following reports on him all year and he seems to be a solid player.

The Brazilian could well come in and replace Arshavin on the left wing if nothing develops with Hazard or Miayaichi.  It will either be a very concerning transfer period or a very exciting one with the possibility of some experienced and top class players coming into the side.

Tomorrow I go off topic a little bit and talk about Cesc and more specifically the reason why he would have no problem getting into the Barcelona team as well as the smartest route to take if we were to sell our Capitan.


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