Arsenal – Villa Review and Jibber Jabber

Well a disappointing day for Arsenal Fans as Boos rang out after Full Time and Villa defeated Arsenal 2-1.  In all fairness we were unlucky to lose the game.  We came out sloppy and they made us pay!  Both goals never should have happened and Squillaci will have to take some of the blame.  Vermaelen put in a solid shift and you could definitely tell we’ve missed him.  He was always there to clean things up.  I was also pleasantly surprised by Song’s shift as a Center Back.  I wouldn’t mind seeing him partner Vermaelen more often, especially next year when we get Coquelin and Frimpong back in the team.

Honestly this is probably the happiest I’ve ever been with a loss from Arsenal before.  After 30 minutes we really woke up and took it to Villa, and with a bit of luck and some better finishing we would have own 5-2.  Unfortunately some bad officiating disallowed a goal from Chamakh and a penalty on Ramsey.  Can’t dwell on that though, we need better finishers and honestly Arshavin isn’t cutting it.  You can give me all the stats you want on how he’s one of the top in the league for assists or whatnot but that assist is his one contribution every game.  Everything else is a turnover and he’s better coming off the bench.

Chamakh looked like a man on a mission to get his spot back.  I was quite impressed by his work ethic today as well as Bendtner looked okay and would be far better in the middle than off on the wing.  Speaking of wingers, there is good news already for next year in that Pedro Botehlo should be eligible for a work permit since he’s been in Spain for 4 years.  It’s about time!  We hopefully won’t have to wait so long for Miyaichi.

One more game until the summer and we’ve already received word that Fabregas is out for the game along with internationals for the summer which could be the best thing for him.  I honestly think he saw how Nasri did from a summer off and how Wilshere is over-playing and its influenced him to concentrate more on his club football.  If he is to get his dream move to Barcelona then he needs to get better.

Thats all, tomorrow I’ll talk about youth players and who I’m excited to see back in the team and who should get a good run and who they might be replacing as well as transfer plans for the summer…mine not Arsene’s.  I”m a very wishful thinker 🙂


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