My Football Manager Arsenal Team

So I was thinking about transfers and what players I would like for Arsenal and then I thought…if I could just sell everyone and have a new team who would I buy?  What would my Championship team look like and which players are…feel free to comment on what you think of mine, as well as submit yours…I love hearing what others have to say…

I’m not the kind of fan that wants all the big names, I’m more into choosing a team thats going to work together and get the job done.

Goalkeeper – There are plenty of good ones and I think the best in the world is Manuel Neuer and he’s only 21 but he is not my pick  for the team.  I would really have to the Russian Number 1. Igor Akinfeev.  He’s a great Keeper who is very reliable between the sticks.  He’s been linked with Arsenal a few times but very unlikely anything would happen.  Arshavin loves him though!

Right Back – Honestly I think Sagna is one of the best Right backs defensively in the game, where as attacking wise he leaves a bit to be desired, so I feel I would pick Gregory Van Der Wiel.  He is better attacking wise and can play defense as well.  Some of you are wondering why I didn’t pick either of the two best rated Right Backs.  Alves is a pussy cry baby and I’ve never been huge on Maicon.  It’s hard for me to explain how much I want to kick Alves in the nuts.

Left Back – Fabio coentrao. eh? eh?

Centerbacks – Firstly, there’s so many to pick from so its hard to pick only a couple out of a large pool of good defenders.  One I am particularly impressed with is Mats Hummels.  The German defender played for Bayern Munich but was having trouble getting into the first team so was loaned to Borussia Dortmund.  Dortmund then bought him and I’m sure Bayern are kicking themselves as their defenders are older and struggling.  His partner in defense as well is very impressive but I would rather see Per Mertesacker at Arsenal.  The German Giant is at a struggling Werder Bremen and has been linked often so it could still happen.  Lastly I really have always liked Joris Matijsen, so he can be a backup.

Midfield – First with the defensive midfield I would either take Danielle De Rossi or Bastien Schweinsteiger.  Need I explain?  I thought so, as a back up I would take Sven Bender.  Most of you are saying, who the crap is that?  He’s a stud!  He will be the starting DM for Germany soon enough, and far better than Sami Khedira.  I have alot of faith in the Germans it seems like.  Anyways, in the Central Holding role I would probably go for some more steel!  Moussa Sissoko perhaps?  A beast in the midfield and would really be an enforcer.  Otherwise I would go for Ibrahim Afellay.  I’m even a little upset that he went to Barcelona for 3 mil and Arsenal didn’t get him.  He would have seen much more action at Arsenal because Barcelona only starts Spanish players.  It’s a conspiracy!!!!  Anyways, Afellay is quick, a great passer, and has a rocket shot! He’s also tall and can control the midfield.  Finally for the Attacking midfield.  Lastly, for my attacking midfielder my first pick would be Marik Hamsik.  This year the Slovakian has 11 goals and 6 assists and is a very valuable player for Napoli.  Napoli will be in the Champions League next year so I don’t see him leaving but its a nice thought.  As a backup I would bring in Christian Eriksen which would be a smart move for Arsenal anyways but, he’s going to be a great player.

Wingers – Diego Perotti and Eden Hazard…need I say more?  I will if you want. Hazard rapes defenses while Perotti…well watch this, he’s good I promise.  Both are actual wingers so they will play out on the wing instead of coming inside all the time.  I would love for Arsenal to get both guys and I think they are both attainable for Arsenal but I doubt we are even looking at Perotti.  Hazard is basically a must though.  If neither of those two my third choice or backup would be Carlos Eduardo who plays for Rubin Kazan, the Brazilian winger became known playing for Hoffenheim in the Bundesliga.  Another Gremio winger coming to Europe…we missed out on one before who was that………oh yeah Ronaldinho!  We shouldn’t miss out on Carlos.

Strikers – Many people have been calling for us to get Gameiro, and we have been linked with he and Benzema and many occasions this season.  For me, its back to one we were linked with a year or two ago Andre-Pierre Gignac.  I have always been a fan of his, he hasn’t had his best season but he’s strong, quite quick as well and would do a lot of damage in the Arsenal system.

Anyways, thats all just fantasy and wishful thinking and will never come true but its fun to put it together and see what you can create!


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  1. i love you…

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