Where Arsenal’s Tactics Go Wrong

Let’s start with the basics!

Arsenal play a 4-3-3 system or 4-2-3-1 depending on how picky you are.

Clichy and Sagna move up and down the sideline and support our wingers.  They are pretty decent attackers, putting in crosses and helping Arsenal keep the opposing team pinned in to their half.  Problem is, when they put crosses in there is no one to aim for.  Van Persie is the only player up top and sometimes Arshavin/Nasri/Walcott on the back post, but never really go for a header.  Our midfielders Wilshere/Fabregas/Song aren’t in the box because Song plays a bit further back while Wilshere and Fabregas will wait at the top of the box for the header out.  So my question is WHY ARE WE CROSSING THE BALL SO MUCH???

Simple, teams have found how to play Arsenal.  Take your 4 defenders and 1 make sure you don’t play too high of a line, 2 don’t get beat by Walcott, 3 Give them no space in the middle.  With that the Arsenal mids really can’t penetrate through the middle and are forced to go out wide where someone will put in a cross and no one really on the other end.

I am a huge fan of Arsene Wenger but one flaw I see is his rotation.  He has a number 1 team and the back ups.  If all the number 1’s are healthy they will play.  He doesn’t take into account the team he’s playing.  Take example last week against Stoke.  We all know Stoke are thugs and usually bigger guys who will push around and basically are really not fun to even watch play.  So instead of putting out a bigger team that can take that we play with Arshavin, Walcott, Ramsey.  Three quite small people.  Fabregas has said it himself that they don’t prepare for opponents.

Why is Nik out on the Wing?  Bendtner and Chamakh have taken way too much criticism as of late.  Most think Chamakh isn’t cut out for Arsenal while Nik is too cocky and doesn’t back it up.  When can they, Nik is put out on the wing for 10 minutes while Chamakh goes up front for 5.  It’s one reason we all think Vela is a failure, he doesn’t get the time of day.  Chamakh and Bendtner playing up top would create far more of a nuisance for teams that like to shut us down through the middle.  Where will Van Persie play?  Right behind them of course, he’s great at coming into the midfield and is a wonderful passer.

I don’t believe that Nik, or Chamakh should be sold but I do wish the Benzema rumors true because he would be a fantastic addition especially with Van Persie playing in behind him.

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