Cesc and the Barcelona Conspiracy

It is that time again!  A year ago we were just receiving word that Cesc wanted to leave us!  We all knew this was going to come up on every single blog out there and I guess I’m no different.  Before I begin though I should say, I think Cesc is a great player and I would love him to stay at Arsenal for life.

He didn’t have the best of seasons and I’m hoping taking a break from football and recuperating for the summer like Nasri did last summer will do him a lot of good.  I think that is his plan especially after warning Wilshere about playing too much.  Fabregas is growing smarter and whether he gets his move or not, we’ll see.  There have been some rumors that the board has taken over transfer policy which could mean less french players, bigger signings, and Fabregas gone!  That isn’t what this article is about though.  If you continue reading your going to find what the best options for Arsenal would be, if we were to let him move on.  You will also find why Fabregas will have no problem getting into the Barcelona team.  Lastly, I’ll say some foul things about Barcelona, so if you like them, prepare to be angered a little bit.

So if we lose Cesc, we are losing a top class player.  He is a great scorer, an even better passer and overall a player that many teams would love to have.  If we are to lose him though, we may as well not go only for cash.  Barcelona have recently acquired a skillful midfielder named Ibrahim Afellay.  Barcelona bought him for 3 measly pounds in the January transfer window and I was quite jealous and a little upset that Arsenal didn’t take that bargain.  Why would Barcelona buy him though?  MONEY.  He’s cheap and his resell will be far higher because he has a bigger contract.  Arsenal should try and get 20-25 mil plus Afellay.  We still get a sufficient amount of money plus a good midfielder.

Some of you probably think, Afellay is just like the rest of our mid-fielders.  I think he’s better than most though.  He’s faster than our mid-fielders, he’s strong and can hold off a player and he LOVES ripping a shot.  Not to mention he’s pretty good at crossing…minor detail.  I’ve always believed that Afellay was fit to be an Arsenal player and I think this is the perfect opportunity to get a winner.  Afellay will have no problem fitting into the team with a Dutch partner up front, a great manager and experience of winning a few Dutch Championships and going to a World Cup Finals.  I know I know, he barely played, Dutch League sucks blah blah.  He’s done well playing for Barcelona as well.  Last weekend though they played all the youngsters because they had the league won, Afellay played and that tells me they don’t have many plans for him.  That and another reason…The Barcelona Conspiracy.

By that, I mean theres no reason to even play for Barcelona unless you are A. Spanish or B. Lionel Messi.  If Barcelona could find a good Spanish Right and Left Back, goodbye Alves, Abidal, and Maxwell…too bad Ramos is already at Madrid.  I’ve been thinking about this for a while too.  Yaya Toure is the real deal, he’s a very complete midfielder.  He’s big, he’s agile, he’s fast, he’s good with his feet, hes a great finisher, and he wins games.  Don’t believe me, he just won the FA Cup!  Tell me how a huge piece of garbage like Sergi Busquets gets ahead of Toure.  Oh yeah!  He’s Spanish and he’s on Barcelona.  What about Pedro…He’s…not that good…I can name plenty of other Spanish wingers better than Pedro:  David Silva, Juan Mata, Jesus Navas, Pablo Hernadez just a few and while Pedro has had some success and scored some goals if you were to put any of those 4 in to that lineup they would probably have much more success.

How is Pedro ahead of Afellay?  Afellay is faster, bigger and won’t get pushed off the ball as easily, not to mention he puts in a great cross.  Oh right, Pedro is Spanish.  Spain loves to pick a Barcelona player and Barcelona love to pick a Spain player.  They like to work together, no wonder they have the money to just go out and buy David Villa, Mascherano and still make a 30 mil bid for Fabregas.  Oh and by the way, I didn’t ask why Mascherano can’t get ahead of Busquets because I think Mascherano is the second biggest pile of crap on the team behind Alves.  The only reason he was starting for Liverpool is because Lucas was the only other option.

So if Cesc went to Barcelona would he start.  Yes, I don’t know where but he would!  He’s Spanish and he’s in the National team, of course he will start.  I may fear for my life after this post as the Spanish may come after me for figuring out their plot to ruin La Liga.  The world rankings of leagues has La Liga and Prem League at the top and I’m not sure which one is exactly ahead but in my eyes its moved back to number 3 behind the Bundesliga.  The Bundesliga is really exciting and I’m happy to see my second favorite team in the world Borussia Dortmund take the trophy this year, but the youth and competitiveness has helped this league surpass the Italians which is great because the Italian league is terrible!!!  In La Liga, theres really no team that can compete with Barcelona so its not even fun to watch anymore to see who’s going to take second place.

Anyways, whether Cesc goes or not, Arsenal will be fine because we have a very capable Frenchman Samir Nasri who can take over, or ewe can even sign someone.  Who knows, maybe we’ll get a gem from our youth.  Watch out for Jon Toral who we just signed from Barcelona, along with Alban Bunjaku brightest youngster in our youth system right now.


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