Could This Be Arsenal’s First Signing of the Summer?

New news from saying that we have made our first signing Velez Midfielder Ricky Alvarez. You can watch a video of him here says he has agreed to a move with Arsene Wenger at the end of the Clausura season on June 17.  Alvarez currently plays for Velez in Argentina where he’s made 46 appearances since 2008.

When he joined in 2008 he had a cruciate injury that ruled him out for quite some time.  Since then he has been a vital part of the squad and can play in any part of the midfield.  The 23 year old is fast, has a wicked shot, and is good at being in the right place in the box.  He’s a good goalscorer and will go straight into the first team.  There shouldn’t be any work permit issues as well because he has an Italian Passport.  Hopefully it will be announced after the game on Sunday and should be the first signing of many.  No fee has been released as of yet.  The 6’2″ midfielder could be a valuable signing for the team as we will see a few mid fielders on their way out this year.

More will follow once more information has arrived but it has not been confirmed by the team yet so THIS IS NOT OFFICIAL!  I will be pleasantly surprised if true and I’m happy because we are already showing some intent on getting some experience and a player that isn’t French!


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  1. Not sure that he is what Arsenal needs. The problem is at the back. Unless Cesc leaves, I can’t really see where he’d fit in.

  2. Well he’s an all around midfielder so he can fit in anywhere really and I think he’s a better option than some of the guys we have now so while he may not be a starter every game I think he can still have an impact next year…more so than Denilson, or Rosicky have.

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