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Well more crazy stuff going on today, first with Denilson saying that he’s sick of sitting on the bench and who can blame him…well…I can, if your sick of sitting on the bench then get better, figure out what you need to improve and do it.  Anyways, he’ll probably be off to the Italian league where he doesn’t actually need to use skill to play.  Gosh the Italian league sucks!!!  Theres barely any fans, some set fire to the stadiums, they play boring football almost as boring as Chelsea but thank goodness the Bundesliga moved ahead in the world rankings.  Pretty soon it will be the Premier League and the Bundesliga because now theres only 1 team left in Spain, nobody can tough Barcelona right now.

Speaking of Spain, Real put a 150 mil price tag on Ronaldo to try and get City to bite.  I don’t think Ronaldo would go to City though.  He may be a douche but he’s loyal.  Anyways, this an Arsenal Blog, not a stupid Barcelona/Madrid Blog…

Gervinho has been linked with us again as well, no quotes of course!  We could get him at a cut price of 9 mil and I say…Why?  Where would we fit him.  He’s a winger, we have wingers and Wenger just said in a press conference the other day…We have wingers, and thats not what we’re looking for.  i love when that happens, Wenger says, no I don’t need a Goalie and the news says we’ve almost acquired Schwarzer, Given, Marchetti, Handanovic, Reina.  Why the heck would he tell a newspaper that info!

A bunch of players have been linked with moves away, Denilson already said he’s leaving so hopefully we can get at least 5-10 mil out of him and at least someone who wants him…Song however is being linked to Inter Milan as a replacement for Zanetti according to  Feel bad for the person who runs that…has to talk about Italian football all day.  Italy…what a joke.  I keep getting sidetracked by Italy…yuck.  Back to Song, I don’t think Arsene would be willing to give him up for one thing.  I’m not sure how I feel about it yet, because when song is fresh he’s instrumental to our team and he can play Defensive Mid or Center Back.  I guess I would like to know who he would buy to replace him before I made that decision.  I think Song will have a much better year next year because once the Carling Cup and FA Cup come along we will be using Coquelin and Frimpong.

Vela could be off to Chievo and honestly, just like Denilson, I don’t mind that much.  Arsenal put a lot of time and effort into him and he gave nothing back so honestly good riddence to bad rubbish.  We have other people to put in the squad anyways.  With Afobe coming back we could see him getting a few chances this year.

I heard rumors of the board taking over on transfers which could be good if they spend it well and not on crap like Liverpool got in the habit of doing a while back.  We need a big signing to show we’re serious.  Per Mertesacker would sure show our intent.  Everyone says buy English but I’m not so sure on this one.  We need an experienced Center Back who can handle Set-pieces.  Mertesacker against all 11 Stoke players on a corner kick, 9/10 goes to Mertesacker.  English isn’t always the answer, look at the best CB in the EPL.  He’s big, athletic, outstanding on set-pieces and he’s Serbian.  Nemanja Vidic of course.

AC Milan want Cesc now too and are willing to offer 35 mil or 25 mil plus a player.  Barcelona on the other hand are reportedly going to make a 25 mil plus player offer the day after the Champions League Final.  If Barcelona lose that game I see them maybe upping it a few mil just because they’ll be so sad and depressed and nothing cures that better than buying a top-class player.  I wonder who the players up for trade are though.  It is said they are fringe players so I wonder what they mean.  Do they mean fringe as Afellay, Keita, Bojan, Tiago?  Or is it, Jonathan Dos Santos, Oriol Romeu, Fontas?  who knows, I’d love Afellay at Arsenal.  Not the first time I’ve said it and won’t be the last.

Anyways, I’ll try and find something to talk about, make sure you check out for the players I think you should be watching out for this coming season.  There are even a few Arsenal players on there.


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