Arsenal – Fulham Preview


Sunday marks the end of the Premier League season and I’m pretty sure almost every Arsenal fan will be happy to see the end of it!  It may even make more fans happier if Arsenal announce the signing of Ricky Alvarez from Argentina.  Although it could be just an error and he’s actually going to the Argentinian team Arsenal de Serandi.  I would really be happy seeing us get a midfielder right off the bat.  He is a typical Wenger signing though…free…only thing not typical is his nationality.

Last time we saw Fulham we won 2-1 and Nasri had a spectacular goal in which he dribbled past like 4 people got to an awkward angle and still managed to put it in the net.  Unfortunately no Nasri for this game so we will need some magic from someone like our leading goalscorer Robin Van Persie.  What a season he’s had, he’s put in over 20 goals and he’s only played half of the season.  If he was healthy the entire year I’d imagine he would be top goalscorer in the league.

What really bothers me about Wenger lately is his formation tactically.  He keeps putting out the exact same lineup week in and week out when it didn’t work two weeks in a row and he ended up having to take drastic measures at half time.  I’m hoping to see Chamakh start this game and Van Persie playing in behind him on Sunday.  I would also like to see Bendtner start over Arshavin.  Arshavin just needs a break from football and Bendtner is getting stressed that he’s not getting enough.  Walcott on the right of course and in the center of the park I’m hoping for Ramsey and Wilshere partnering up together.  I would like to see Song start in Center with Vermaelen this game and I’m hoping Wenger sees that he can’t trust Squillaci out there anymore.  It’s time for him to move on.

Sagna Song Verm Gibbs
Ramsey Wilshere
Walcott  RvP Bendtner

Arsenal really need to bring it this week for the fans and end the season on somewhat of a high note.  No need to make things worse than they already are.  We’ll be seeing the last of some players though and I wish them all the best if they move on this summer.  There is talk that Bendtner will move on, probably to Germany and Denilson is definitely going.  In his interview where he said he was quiting, he said that he decided this 8 months ago.  Why didn’t he just ask for a transfer in January?  He could have salvaged a little bit of the season.  Oh well, not sure on the rumor but Roma are interested in Denilson and are looking to pay about 5 mil.  Honestly I would probably take it as you probably won’t get much more.

Lastly, I’m really sick of hearing that we’re in for Samba…we may have been in January because it was an emergency and he would have been quite cheap, but to pay anything over 5 mil for the guy would be crazy on our part.  He’s not good enough to make it at Arsenal I’m afraid.  Honestly, if he did sign he wouldn’t be a starter and instead in Squillaci’s position.  Thanks for reading, I will have more after the game on Sunday, if you have any questions just send me an e-mail at and I’ll discuss it on Monday.


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