Bendtner Out, Denilson Out, Who’s Next!?

Well the season is over and many say its a disappointing season, but honestly its the last 2 months that have been disappointing…the rest quite exciting.  I mean seriously, we beat Barcelona once and the only reason they beat us the second game was because of the ref giving RvP a red and for those who think that Barcelona would have won, your delusional because Arsenal had the perfect game plan to beat them…know where they found out how to do it…every team in the EPL does it to us!  Anyways, Birmingham is relegated, they have cursed us too many times but NO MORE!

I hope there is a lot of news to report this week because it will be  a good start to a long summer if we can get a few issues taken care of right away.  We need to get a defender that fears nobody!  We need one that is big and takes crap from no one!  Look at Vermaelen, Wilshere, and Van Persie…they take crap from nobody, they are our best players as well.  Walcott always talks about not being pushed around and trying to win ugly, well it all starts with attitude!  If your like Arshavin and something happens and you just smile and say “oh well” your not cut out for this team.

Do we need a defensive midfielder? I don’t think so, not with Coquelin and Frimpong in the team next year.  I believe Coquelin will play more than Frimpong and have a Jack Wilshere year personally.  He’s done well for Lorient and worked hard to be a starter.  Do we need other midfielders…well it depends on who we let go.  We already allegedly have Alvarez coming in and Denilson out.  We’ll most likely see the end of Rosicky and who knows what with Nasri.  Nasri would be a big loss and if we lost Nasri and Fabregas in the same summer the fans would want a 50 Mil signing like Wenger just said we couldn’t do.

With that, Wenger made the comment that we couldn’t make a 50 mil signing in return to the fans chanting “Spend some F****** money” As far as I know, most of the fans don’t care if you don’t spend 50 mil on one player, but we don’t want you to be afraid to spend 20…Arshavin is our most expensive transfer at 15…

Back to my train of thought…do we need wingers?  Depends on if Ryo gets a work permit, and if Arshavin/Nasri leave.  I think either way bagging Hazard could ONLY be good.  The guy is quite ridiculously good.

News today is Bendtner wants to call it quits with Arsenal and I think most of us have known that for sometime that he would.  He wants to play week in week out and he’s not going to get that at Arsenal.  With that it will force Wenger into the transfer market for 1 striker at least because we don’t have any strikers in the reserves ready to make the jump up.  Sunu will go back to Lorient while Afobe could also use time out again before he’s ready for the first team.  We will be linked with everyone soon enough so buckle up its going to be a bumpy summer!  The two we’ve been linked with so far is Moussa Sow, and Gervinho.  Not sold on either one yet though…more tomorrow…


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