Clichy Wants Out! Jenkinson Signed…

News today from is saying that Left Back Gael Clichy wants out of Arsenal.  The Frenchman has decided to call it quits and wants a move to Inter Milan.  Inter needs a left back and they will pay around 5.5 million for Clichy who enters the last year of his contract next year.

This is a bit unfortunate because I’m not sure Gibbs or Traore can fill those shoes!  Gibbs gets injured every game while we’ll see if Traore improved at all since being at Juventus all year.  This could be another position Arsenal have to buy…there is also the solution of using Pedro Botehlo in that position who can play everywhere on the left side of the field.  I haven’t seen him play before but I hear good things coming from Young Guns.

Also, the Finnish FA is announcing that we have signed Carl Jenkinson now and I’m jumping for joy at that one!!!! Whoooppppdddyyy do!!!!  Honestly, I’m not though…how is that in anyway an improvement to the team…he can play full back, Center back and Defensive midfielder.  So how is he ANY different from Havard Nordtveit?  He could play those same positions had some top flight experience in the Bundesliga and was a good defender.  Why didn’t we just keep Nordtveit and use him this spring when we needed a center back instead of selling him for next to nothing?  Now I can’t really judge because I’ve never seen Jenkinson play, but he looks tall and could come in and surprise me.  Anyways, this summer is already starting off badly for Arsenal

So now, Denilson out, Bendtner out, Clichy out, and I’ve heard rumors of Nasri talks stalling already…if Nasri leaves theres no way Cesc will be allowed to leave I feel.  If they both leave, we better buy our own 30 mil midfielder…


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