Too Many Football Manager Gooners!

So as the news for the day is basically over I was just scouring over the blogs and whatever I could find that might be new and I was looking at some things on Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas.  I don’t care much for reading whats actually in the blog’s usually but I LOVE to read the comments.  They are sooooo funny because there are too many people going…hey I got this…make me coach…I have the solution…I’ll unload 13 players and bring in replacements…NO PROBLEM!  I just started laughing because one comment was how we would offload all the backups and a few of the starters and his replacements and I’m gonna be honest…anyone who puts Samba, Rodallega, or anyone else from Wigan or Blackburn in that list I just laugh and move on.  I’m not a Samba fan, he may always give us problems but theres a reason Blackburn is terrible!  Another one I saw was just have all our reserves fill in for our bench players and sell them off…well you asking for 6-7 guys who have NO premier league experience…wait…no top level football experience to fill in for guys who at least have that…

Lets be realistic, we have to 1. Know our Manager 2. See what we REALLY need 3. Wait…because its like the rapture…we can guess all we want…but nobody really knows until it happens.  Same goes for transfers with Arsenal…we usually get a sniff at stuff but honestly…most of it is, HEY Arsenal need a defender and these defenders wanna leave, so lets link em!

1.  Wenger isn’t going to spend huge sums and he’s going to look for cheap but effective solutions.  Take Alvarez for instance, if he gets him its on the free.  Alvarez is a very good midfielder from what I hear and can come into the team and have an impact, we could find out he’s one of the top prospects of Argentina but because of his injury nobody heard about him…who knows.  Another person worth taking a look at is Marco Reus.  A really good winger for Borussia Mon..Monch…monchengladbach???  Crazy Germans…anyways, he was just called up the National team for the first time which isn’t my point in us looking at him…The Monchers were relegated this year and Reus would come on the cheaper!  We have to be realistic and look at the players that are going to come cheaper as I posted earlier…Aguero is available, but not really a possibility…

2.  What do we really need…I just said lets look at Reus, but do we need a winger?  Maybe…lots of variables…do we need a defender?  Definitely…Vermaelen is fantastic, Kos, and Djourou had bright spots but I feel are only good backups.  Do we need a midfielder?  Not really, Song now has backup with Coquelin and Frimpong next year, while we still have Ramsey, and Wilshere.  Many people think Lansbury is going to be in the first team next year…maybe, but he will spend a lot of time on the bench…Striker?  Well we will need to buy one because Afobe isn’t ready, Sunu will go back on loan and Bendtner wants out…We’ve been linked with Moussa Sow, Gervinho and Eden Hazard…all Lille players.  A team that won the league and are in Champions League next year, think they will be cheap…don’t think so.  All three just had their price tag go up!

Do I have a solution?  Well I’m playing in Fifa and I have Arda Turan, Hazard and Steffen Kieslling!  So…no I don’t, because its Fifa 11 and unrealistic.

3.  I understand it was a frustrating last few months and we feel the need to spend some f******* money, but we have to put our trust in the manager and when he buys 4 more unknown players we buy their jerseys and hope they are close to Lionel Messi!  Or you can freak out about it in a comments section to make yourself feel better and realize it did absolutely nothing at all except help waste the time of other people like me!

I love you fans, and I love Arsenal…so here’s to the League Champions in 2011/2012…ARSENAL!


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