Benzema Transfer, and More Arsenal News!

So I’m bored with the summer already!  Today all that has come out is more on same players wanting out, and Wenger saying that he likes Benzema.  Since he said he likes Benzema everyone thinks we’re going to try and get him.  Not so sure on that though.  Benzema was in London last week but on personal business according to his agent, not to discuss a transfer.  After looking at feedback from other posts on it and fans I’ve come to a few conclusions based on what people think.

1. He would cost too much for Arsene Wenger!

False – Real Madrid talk high prices but usually end up giving in for lower prices because they have so much money, it doesn’t matter much and really only care about their new players coming in.  If they get Sergio Aguero which they are rumored to be interested in, they will really be looking to offload Benzema.  Higuain, despite his injuries is still ahead of Benzema and they are looking to sign Adebayor from Manchester City.

Last summer Tottenham signed Rafael Van Der Vaart from Real Madrid for about 8 million.  The entire summer they said they would sell him for about 15-20 mil.  So odds are we can get Benzema for a lower price than 25 million.  Especially with Wenger low balling everyone anyways, they will probably give in eventually if we put in a bid.

2. Benzema, if signed, would just take Bendtner’s place on the bench.

False – Wenger would definitely find a place for him starting every game.  I don’t know if he would change his system to a 4-4-2 but he may move Van Persie around the field a bit.  If you saw the last two games of the season, Van Persie played in a midfield right behind the striker.  This could be a permanent move in the formation.  He knows Benzema is too good to be on the bench unlike Bendtner.

3.  Benzema is not what we need right now.

Depends how you look at it – We will lose Bendtner and probably Vela, leaving us Chamakh and Van Persie.  Chamakh could only handle half the season and Van Persie is unpredictable with injuries.  So we will need to sign someone if those two leave.  Why not get someone that could help win the league.

4. Benzema isn’t good enough.

Really?  29 goals and 9 assists in all competitions on a stacked Real Madrid team that doesn’t always guarantee a start unless your name is Cristiano Ronaldo

Personally, I think Benzema is the perfect fit for this team.  He’s strong powerful, can finish with both feet and head and is very quick.  So, for the right price I think Benzema would be a good investment.

No new news really with Arsenal other than things we already know…some news that is only going through at the moment is that a representative from Arsenal is traveling down to Argentina to watch Ricky Alvarez play next week.  Also with that, Velez Sarsfield says they don’t want to sell Alvarez as he still has 3YEARS left on his contract.  It was originally believed he would be a free transfer but he is not. is reporting we will have to pay 14 million…thats false.  A source close to Velez said they will have to pay a fee too good to refuse. says 14 million because Mauro Zarate was sold for 14 million in 2007…so that 14 million is not true.


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  1. nasiru lawal mati

    banzima is not 4 sale

  2. nasiru lawal mati

    benzima is a fanstic player every time any more he score the goals that is why we realmadrid fans from nigeria we want benzima til 2o2o

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