Benzema, Falcao, and Two More Signings by Arsenal

Well a new day and still talks of Benzema are going on…some are saying we’re going for him, while others are saying Wenger is too stingy and cheap to go for Benzema.  Personally, I think if he goes for him he’ll try and pay somewhere in the mid teens for him in millions because thats how Wenger works and either Real will cave to the money so they can get Aguero or we’ll miss out on him.

News from is that two teams have made bids for Falcao.  These two teams are Arsenal and Tottenham.  Now I can’t believe that Wenger made a 30 million dollar bid which is his minimum release clause but the fact that we made a bid for such a prolific striker is intent that Wenger is wanting to bring some new blood in.  If we want to get Falcao though we need to do it quickly because Porto are looking to offer him a new deal which would raise his minimum release fee up to 100 million.  Whether all of this is true or not, I don’t know, but somehow has A LOT of hookups and a lot of big players agents willing to speak to them…anyways we’ll see in the near future whether it comes to anything.

So we’ve made two signings today, both being Barcelona youngsters with Jon Toral completing his signing as well as Héctor Bellerin.  I’m a bit discouraged by our signings though, 3 youngsters while United is set to announce De Gea, Ashley Young, and Varane soon enough.  I’ve heard only good things about Toral though and am wondering what part he will play this year.  Could end up being really good, but probably not for another couple of years.

Milan execs are saying Fabregas is “way to expensive for us” well I’ve got news for you Milan!  We wouldn’t sell him to you anyways!!!  Why you ask?  Well, Milan plays in Italy and Italian football BLOWS!  It’s so boring!  Why do you think Denilson wants to come play there!  Fabregas will only end up at Barcelona…thats the only place he will go. Arsenal know that and Cesc knows that so take your crappy football and light your stadium on fire Milan!

Thats all I got for now, more this afternoon, check out the new player profile section, the only part that is done is the goalkeepers and I’ll work on the rest later!


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