Hazard Replaces Nasri? Falcao rumors?

Arsene Wenger recently said that he wouldn’t shell out 50 million for a player and wasn’t trying to be literal.  He was referring to the fact that he won’t pay over the odds for a player but yet we are being linked with players that will cost Wenger more than he’s ever spent on a player.  Players like Benzema, Falcao, and Hazard.  It looks like he will have the money to buy those players but would he really shell it out?  Barcelona have said they will give us money plus any of their fringe players for Fabregas and Arsenal have been looking at Bojan for a while so will we even need Benzema or Falcao?

I have my own opinions on each of these things but one thing that would bother me is if Nasri left because of money.  What would bother me more is if he went to United or City.  I would take it personally and the only thing that would really help would be signing Eden Hazard.  The Daily Star says we’re backing off Parker and going for Hazard.  It’s a bit of a weird story because the two aren’t exactly like for like midfielders…or near the same age, or build…really, they have nothing in common.  I’d be all for this scenario because I don’t want Scott Parker and Eden Hazard is most welcome at Arsenal.  He is definitely a player Arsenal needs!

So, what about Falcao and Benzema?  I think it will be hard getting either of them with Benzema being the more likely option.  Real Madrid have the money to replace basically any of their players and it seems as though Benzema is one of them that may go this summer.  Falcao would cost us between 25-30 million because of his release clause and I think Benzema would be a little less and a little easier to bargain with the price.  Will we get either one? How come we haven’t really be linked with any defenders yet?!

Gary Cahill was linked today with Manchester City…Why do they need so many defenders?! They have Boatang, Kompany, Toure (banned for 6 months) Jolean Lescott, Micah Richards, could soon have Jan Vertonghen, do you really need Gary Cahill?  I think I would rather Arsenal get Per Mertesacker, but what do I know?


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