Arsenal Willing to meet 30 million price for Falcao…Wait What?!

According to the agent of Falcao, Arsenal is willing to meet a 30 million minimum release fee for Falcao…what a pleasant surprise!  Just to hear that we would be willing to do that is a little heart warming.  If Wenger does splash out the cash for that kind of player he can just go into his next press conference and say “Hey haters! SUCK IT!”  Thats what I would say to all the “In Arsene we rusts” and the Wenger out crap…what a bunch of nonsense.

I know I said I would rather have Benzema yesterday but honestly, I would take either one right now.  Falcao is a superb finisher! Last year he played 22 games and had 17 shots…16 went in.  The year before that 32 shots…25 went in.  The guy is a real finisher and has a great mentality and hunger to score.  He’s 25 years old so he has some experience, and while it may only be in the Portuguese League he still has proven himself to be excellent in both the Champions League, and the Europa League.

While we may be willing to spend the 30 million minimum release fee, his representative states that Falcao is happy at Porto and may just want to stay there for now.  Tottenham is also said to be willing to reach this fee and I don’t know why he would want to waste his time there and go back to Europa League.

The hard thing about this transfer market is the players we’ve been linked to and finally are ready to invest in them, are now in Champions League with their teams and have had their price tags skyrocket.  If we are willing to pull out 30 million for Falcao, how come we can’t hit up Benzema for less?  How come we can’t put 10-15 into Mertesacker?  I’m not worried about it, Arsene will do what he has to and I will still be here to buy the Jersey of whichever player he decides to buy.

Something else quick, I’m quite happy that the club has taken a hard line with contract rebels, as some call them.  Those players wanting to try and get as much money as possible and then not signing and going on free next year.  If you love the club, you will play for them and if you don’t please don’t go to Man U…thats right I’m talking to you Samir.  Henri Lansbury is apparently holding out to see if he’ll get first team action this year while Arsenal are saying, sign or get out!  I know many of you are excited about Lansbury but I say we can win it without him.


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