Transfers: New Links and Rumors/Other News

Another Day, another rumor or two to go through!  There has been a lot of talk from the Benzema camp about him making a potential move to Arsenal.  My feelings are that he doesn’t really want to come to Arsenal, as he said today that he is looking to be at Real Madrid next year.  That could definitely change like it did with Schneider, and Van Der Vaart but I don’t think he is interested in moving at the moment.  Falcao may want one more than Benzema but he has also stated he’s happy at his club FC Porto.

Mathieu Valbuena is next up to be linked to the club, not the first time but according to talkSport he could be coming in to replace Rosicky or Arshavin.  No quotes, no real validity to it and I’m not sure Arsenal fans would see him as a fit for the club either.  He is as small as Arshavin, quite quick and good with his feet and has a decent shot, he has experience with Marseille and France but I don’t see many Arsenal fans liking this transfer.  I think he’s decent and if you want to see more check him out here

Next up we have Stewart Downing who has been linked with us many times in the last month or so and I’ve just never gotten to it because I don’t want to accept the reality of him possibly coming here.  Never been a big fan myself but we don’t really have anyone that can cross the ball.  He is decent so if we signed him I wouldn’t mind but I don’t see him getting a lot of playing time.  So, I’m not taking much time on Downing.

Congratulations to Zak Ansah who signed his first professional contract with the club.  I have no idea how good you are but I saw a headline and thought I’d say congrats

Lastly on this boring friday, and boring week that is, Vela’s agent has reported that he is still a Gunner and that he will be reporting back for preseason.  I’m guessing basically everyone has given up on the guy and I’ve had my frustrations with him, but he doesn’t exactly get a lot of chances to show his stuff.  If he could get a few starts at the beginning of the year I think he could be quite an asset for us.  I’m not opposed to him leaving or staying though.


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