Samba? No Thanks I’m Bad at Dancing

So basically we were in for Samba in the January transfer window and because of that we are being linked with him by everyone and their Grandma!  The Giant Congo Defender is on the cards as a potential signing of Wenger because of him being a Giant and Arsenal having no spine.  After reading countless blogs and comments from each I’ve seen that most people are okay with Samba coming to Arsenal.  This is rather unacceptable.  He may be strong and good in the air and on set pieces but no experience besides Premier League and honestly coming into the year, neither did our other center backs besides Verm and Squillaci who was terrible in Europe.  We don’t need another defender that has to get used to it all, we need one that has already been there. Why you ask do I feel this way?

1.  While he may be big, he isn’t fast enough especially for the high line that we hold.
2. He may have prem experience but thats the end of it, there are others we could get.
3.  Lacks a football brain and doesn’t read the game well
4.  Would struggle to cope with the play of top teams in Champions League
5.  Lacks Technical Ability


Christian Zapata:  Another big fellow and with a bit more pace, more technical and football ability.  Can dribble out from the back and can put a head to  the ball.  Zapata plays for a team who has their on and off years but has done relatively well.  Not sure on the availability on the Center Back but is a good alternative.

Per Mertesacker:  Probably my favorite choice.  He is similar to Samba as he is big, great on set pieces and good in the air.  Where he has the advantage is his experience.  He’s 26 and has been to 2 World Cup Quarterfinals along with the Euro’s Final.  He’s played in Champions league and Europa League and  plays in a competitive league.  This is a player Arsenal should be pushing to sign.  There were rumors of us holding out until this summer to buy him during the January transfer window and Bremen didn’t do that well in the Bundesliga so maybe a good chance to grab Marin and Mertesacker!

Serdar Tasci: Not saying that Tasci is the perfect replacement, because I think Arsenal can do better than Tasci and he seems basically like Koscielny, except he also has played for the German National Team and has been in the Champions League.  He has more experience than Kos and Samba but he is smaller in stature and wouldn’t really help out with the Set Pieces

Jan Vertonghen:  Well, most thought he was going to City and he still may but ever since all the news on it came out it has gone relatively quiet and Arsenal should be capitalizing on it, but thats not how they roll.  Vertonghen is feisty, and a hard tackler.  He’s a good size and knows how to play with Vermaelen.  I was never a huge fan of him until I watched him play more and I have to say I’m impressed.  I think its a smart move especially since he’s got experience in Europe plus he’s a cheaper Center Back and Koscielny was and Jan would probably start ahead of him.

Either way, Samba for me is not the answer.  I would rather see us keep Bartley and use him over getting Samba and putting our resources into something else!  Don’t agree, thats ok…tell me about it!


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