Nasri and Bendtner Latest/New Transfer Target

Well its already Tueday and I’m bored out of my mind but on the bright side…Transfer Window opens tomorrow!  Latest on Nasri is that there has been a snag in the contract terms.  Nasri wants less money and Wenger just keeps pushing the number up!  Sadly it’s probably the opposite as Nasri wants more money after his fantastic year.  While I wish he would just sign and take what he’s offered, I know that he probably does have an ego and wants what he thinks he’s worth.  Personally I think Cesc is more important this year than Nasri but it would be nice to keep them both.  Wenger has also said that we will NOT be selling him to Manchester United, which is far more comforting.

Nasri had a breakthrough year this year and we all knew he had it in him but didn’t know when he would stun the premier league.  I could see there being a snag in the contract if Cesc stays too because Nasri will want that spot in the middle.  His big breakthrough came after the heartbreak of missing out on the World Cup.  With a summer off he was able to focus on Arsenal and improving.  I thoroughly believe that is  what all of the Arsenal players need this summer so they can all improve significantly.

I think Nasri will sign eventually which could make up Wenger’s mind up on Alvarez.  For me though Alvarez is a must buy and would be our best signing of the summer.  I think his height and quickness will help him adjust easily to the Premier League and give him the boost in his career that he needs.  10-15 Million for him isn’t a significant fee when you think about it.  We paid over 10 mil plus let Coquelin go to Lorient just to get Koscielny.  We would be idiots not to go for Alvarez who is probably the hottest prospect in Argentina and you know how those Argentinians are…

Nik’s agent has come out and said that 10 million will be enough to get his son away from Arsenal.  I think that is a fair fee considering with a good run of games Bendtner can be quite a deadly Forward.  I’m not for or against him leaving but if he stays I hope he gets more games in the Center next year and works harder to get into the team.  Thats all I have on him because I’m pretty neutral on the subject!

Today I was thinking about some signings that Wenger would go for and I thought about all the talk of Benzema and Falcao and it came to me.  A top class striker who is experienced, wouldn’t cost the price of the other two and could put goals in.  How about Miroslav Klose?  He’s free, he’s experienced and he’s a real goal scorer.  Klose is also one of the hardest worker I’ve ever seen on the field.  He’s like Dirk Kuyt except he’s actually good!  This positive trait could be contagious on the field and his winning attitude could push Arsenal across the finish line.  He’s fallen down the pecking order at Bayern to Mario Gomez and there is still the possibility of Bendtner going to Bayern.  Klose could look for a move like this as well because he gets a chance at a new league and still have Champions League.  I don’t see much of a negative to this signing, what do you think?


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