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Vermaelen Play Left Back? I Think Not!

Lots of rumors still going on today and while I’d love to talk about it, you can just look at my last couple posts and it will basically cover it. Gervinho in London, Alvarez wants Arsenal move, Cesc wants Barca move and may get it and we might get Cahill…done. ¬†New news is City want Clichy…so lets hike the price up to 25 mil ūüėČ

This post I wanted to talk about our defense a little bit and with the potential signing of Cahill we will have quite a few Center Backs.  Some have suggested that we put Vermaelen as our left back for our departing Clichy.  I for one am very opposed to that, why you might ask?

1. He’s a center back, just because you have a left foot and play defense doesn’t mean your cut out for the left back spot. ¬†Example would be Holger Badstuber of Bayern Munich. ¬†He’s a Center Back who has played Left back for both Bayern and Germany. ¬†In the World Cup he was benched for his pathetic performance and didn’t see much action the rest of the time.

2. Arsenal would be wasting his talent putting him on the left because of the attacking threat he poses. ¬†He doesn’t pose that threat from the sides, but through the middle. ¬†All of his shooting goals are from the middle and we haven’t even seen him cross a ball (although he can’t be much worse than Clichy or Sagna).

3. ¬†Vermaelen’s speed, height, and physicality is all designed for a center back. ¬†As a left back he would be as clumsy and out of place as Paul Robinson of Bolton.

4. ¬†Our best defender should not be deployed on the outside, he’s the heart of the defense and is a leader for this team. ¬†If Van Persie isn’t playing, he will be captain and needs to lead from the middle.

5. Because of the high line we play, his tactical maturity, anticipation, and basically his mentality in general makes him one of the best defenders in England.  Watching the last few games of the year I watched how much we really missed him and the way he can handle the balls over the top while Kos really struggles with them.

So in review, lets just BUY a left back…easier said than done I know but still…Vermaelen is not an option for me and I don’t think it is for Wenger either.


Arsenal News on the Block

So another boring day besides news that Gervinho is in town! ¬†Talk Sport believe that he is in town to have his medical which would be more than wonderful news. ¬†For those of you who don’t think he’s good enough well, your welcome to be wrong. ¬†Talk Sport says next to come in will be Gary Cahill which is also another very positive signing for Arsenal.

I’m just excited to get my new Arsenal 125th anniversary jerseys! ¬†I’ve already ordered my home jersey which will be the Number 5 Thomas Vermaelen! ¬†My Away jersey will be one of our new signings which I will decide in about a months time, but most likely Ricky Alvarez as long as we actually get him.

I love jersey shopping, but I can’t too much otherwise I will spend too much and decorate my whole room with jerseys…which I’ve already done…another good place for outdoorsy stuff is at¬†¬†Check it out!

Just a fun little article on that stuff today though, if your buying a jersey, then tell me what player you’ll be getting and who you hope will be¬†available¬†for their jersey to be bought!

Transfers and What’s To come

Another wonderfully boring day so far for Arsenal fans, but hopefully a fairly busy one for Wenger and Gaz. ¬†A few new stories and clarifications on transfers today and it looks like Arsenal may wait to even announce something until Friday. ¬†Not surprising, what is funny is the papers posting that we’ll announce our new signings as “early as next week” ¬†which they’ve been saying for the last month.

Good news though is that Lille have signed midfielder¬†Dimitri Payet on a four year deal as they prepare for life without Gervinho. ¬†From what it sounds like though is that we aren’t that serious yet but plan to. ¬†The signings that are being planned and talked about have come under mixed feelings from most Arsenal fans as about half like Gervinho and the other don’t think he’s for Arsenal. ¬†Same with Alvarez who has gotten more skepticism than any of Arsenal’s links so far.

My thoughts on Gervinho is positive especially with his 15 goals and 10 assists last year, he would be a great addition especially if we went to a 4-4-2. ¬†I think he and Van Persie could do great things together. ¬†Alvarez has the potential and from the games I’ve watched, he’s the real deal (and yes I’ve watched full games not just Youtube). ¬†I’m a fan of Ricky Alvarez and think once he adjusts to England he will be a dominant figure in the midfield.

Good news reported by the Daily Mail, whom I don’t really trust for Transfer Rumors but it’s developed in other places. ¬†Gary Cahill is apparently in talks with Arsenal which is great potential news. ¬†If we do get him we ¬†will either break our transfer record with 17 million or else send a player the other way. ¬†Cahill will definitely improve our defense and hopefully bring in some stability as well. ¬†It will take some adjusting for him to the Arsenal team and playing in Europe but I see him as a good partner for Vermaelen.

The players mentioned in the Cahill deal that could be going the other way would be Miquel on loan (possibly) or Lansbury. ¬†I know a lot of Fans were looking forward to seeing Lansbury this year, not sure they’ll get it though.

Most Arsenal fans would have thought we’d be rid of a few players by now but no departures as of yet. ¬†Super rich PSG are now interested in Clichy now and are willing to pay 13 million pounds…soooo bye Clichy! ¬†13 million pounds for Clichy will surely pay for a new left-back as well as make a profit off of him.

The Mirror is reporting that we could be losing Nasri and Fabregas in the same week! ¬†If that happened, there would be quite the uproar! ¬†I have a feeling Arsenal would lose many fans and would have some making up to do in the signing department. ¬†I’ve already heard disgruntled fans angry because of the players we are getting aren’t good enough. ¬†Well we’ll see what you saying when the season starts.

Fabregas Departure approaches, What Else Is New?

Well for a couple years now we’ve been hearing that Fabregas is leaving for his beloved Barcelona and now it may actually be happening. ¬†Am I sad? ¬†Definitely…but I’m happy for Cesc to be able to make his dream return. ¬†His family is there, his friends are there, he’s wanted by his his teammates and its where he will be happy. ¬†What I’m not happy about is that most Barcelona fans don’t even want him. ¬†Most think the money should be put into their defense and that Fabregas shouldn’t be bought.

Well the ungrateful fans will figure it out why Barcelona are buying him soon enough. ¬†While many think he will just be a squad player I think he will get a lot more playing time than many think. ¬†One rumor I can’t confirm but did hear from a pretty reliable source has said that the fan shop has already cleared all of his Merchandise. ¬†So, while Barcelona still need to cough up the dough and maybe a player, it looks all too¬†imminent¬†that he will leave.

Now to everything else! ¬†The International transfer window opens on Friday and Arsenal look set to announce a couple signings then and there. ¬†Alvarez a possibility, as well as Gervinho but none of this is official as it hasn’t been confirmed we’ve made solid bids on the players even. ¬†It is important that we do announce a few signings on Friday though because preseason is rapidly approaching and we need our new players to get to know our others and get our chemistry together straight away.

News on our defense is that Wenger has put in bid that has hit the 17 million mark on Gary Cahill and his release clause. ¬†I personally think we only need to buy 1 defender. ¬†Out of the three we are most linked with Cahill is who I’d be happiest with as well as the majority of Arsenal fans.

Lastly, we are apparently monitoring Bayer Leverkusen midfielder Arturo Vidal who i said to be a replacement for Cesc Fabregas, but then again, so is Mata, and Alvarez so not sure this one has any truth to it.  Out of all our rumors recently this one is probably the least likely.

More tomorrow if anything actually happens tomorrow!

Get Mata Now!

The Spanish Play maker has had much speculation about his future with Valencia being in debt, and Liverpool making much of the noise. ¬†Lately though Arsenal have stirred things with interest of an 18 million pound bid. ¬†Whether that is true or not is irrelevant. ¬†What is big is what Mata’s Father has said today.

‚ÄúI know Arsenal is a big club, a very important club in England, always in the Champions League, but it‚Äôs up to any club to pay the required amount to Valencia. Then we can look at the proposals,‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúI don‚Äôt know if Valencia have received a proposal from Arsenal or any other club. We will wait to hear from them.‚ÄĚ

Hopefully Arsenal is listening to this as well and saying , “we need to put the money down for this guy” regardless of Fabregas staying or going. ¬†Mata is still young, has experience, and already is a top talent. ¬†He is a player that Arsenal needs to get and not lolly gag while other teams take their shot at him as well.

It is believed that Mata has a 20 million euro release clause so if we can hit that, then he’s as good as ours. ¬†It is a necessary transfer too especially with the form or Arshavin, and the possibility of Nasri and Fabregas leaving. ¬†Mata can play in the middle but I see Wenger putting him out on the wing. ¬†Now while Mata has distanced himself a bit from leaving Valencia this year, they will have to look at every offer they get for him as they are in such debt.

With the possible departure of Fabregas we will see some deflated Arsenal fans especially with the lack of transfer activity already!  Juan Mata would inject everyone with a little excitement for the new season.

Also quick is that Diego is rumored to be coming to the EPL a few days after I posted that Arsenal should get him.  Will he be coming to Arsenal?  Seems like a Wenger signing, cheap and talented.  Lets just hope he leaves his attitude at Wolfsburg.

Anyways, some big names linked recently and lets hope we have a few announcements in the next few days of arrivals. ¬†Nothing else new really today…kind of boring and disappointing.


Cesc’s Paycut, Mata’s Skill, and Big Week Ahead

Pretty busy Sunday starting with news from Saturday in Cesc Fabregas could be taking a pay cut in order to get to Barcelona. ¬†Fabregas will receive 15% of whatever transfer fee comes for him and he could be willing to give that up to Arsenal in order to make the move happen. ¬†It’s also rumored he may take a pay cut, as well as no signing on fee so that it doesn’t put too much stress on the wage budget for Barcelona. ¬†If he does give that up, Arsenal still only receive 33 million which still isn’t enough.

Barcelona will need to do a little better than that, but the Daily Mail is reporting that we already have a replacement lined up and that we’ve tabled an offer. ¬†Now the¬†likelihood¬†of that is very little as the papers report we’ve tabled an official bid for many players and the teams will come out and say, “we haven’t received an offer from anyone.”

Alvarez is already being labeled the “new” Cesc Fabregas and he hasn’t even been signed up yet. ¬†There is interest and we are still working with Velez to secure that signing, but Inter seem to be interested and what to get into a bidding war apparently. ¬†It would be sad to see Alvarez throw away his career in the Italian league but it would be hard to secure him if Inter are involved. ¬†Lets hope he has his heart set on Arsenal.

Alvarez though, is not the new Cesc Fabregas as he will need some adjusting to the Premier League and I’m not sure Wenger will even play him in the middle, he may go on the left and if Nasri stays, put him in the middle. ¬†Who knows, we may even see a formationd change!.¬†¬†Alvarez though doesn’t have the experience and skill yet of Fabregas although he will be a good signing

We’ve been linked with another replacement in Juan Mata. ¬†It was only a couple months ago in which we were linked with him and a few reliable sources said we were in talks with Valencia. ¬†So…it could be true. ¬†Liverpool seem to have some pretty serious interest in him as well but I would love to see him in an Arsenal shirt. ¬†I’ve always been a big fan and think he is what we need for our left wing. ¬†He’s said to be a cushion for Fabregas departure. ¬†He’s quick, talented, experienced for his age, and would be a great signing in my opinion

So it appears that it will be quite a busy week and I’m hoping we get the ball rolling quickly with a few announcements today. ¬†Preseason starts very soon so we need to be seeing the signings coming through the door this week and next week. ¬†The likes of Gervinho, the Ox, and Alvarez could all be seen coming through, and who knows who else. ¬†We’ll hopefully be seeing the back of some players as well with Denilson leaving soon and Arsenal seem to be looking to do player + cash deals involving Denilson. ¬†Bendtner needs to find a new team quickly as well. ¬†Anyways, check out potential Arsenal target Juan Mata!

Blaise Matuidi on the Arsenal Radar…Apparently

So in the last week we’ve been linked once again with French Midfielder Blaise Matuidi. ¬†The defensive midfielder has been on the Arsenal radar for sometime and I’ve seen the quotes from Matuidi over the last week a few times. ¬†Each time the headline is that Matuidi wants to move to Arsenal…I’m still wondering how they got that from this…

‚ÄúI am flattered by the interest from clubs abroad and I have always loved the Premier League. It is the best league in the world, so exciting. I really want to be part of that.‚ÄĚ

One of them even said, Blaise Matuidi has told Arsene Wenger he wants to sign for Arsenal with this comment…where did he say it? ¬†He said he wants to come to the Premier League, but there are like 3 other teams besides Arsenal linked with him.

Now I would love for Arsenal to grab him as I think he would do well for us, but I have to say it may be a long shot for us getting a defensive midfielder at all! ¬†Matuidi had a great season with St. Eti…um…Ettiene?? ¬†I don’t know, anyways, he was rated the best tackler in Ligue 1 and could prove very useful especially around the time Song is in Africa in January.

Newcastle, Everton and Liverpool have also been linked, not sure why Newcastle though…I think they have enough midfielders to get playing time as it is. ¬†Anyways, Arsene Wenger SHOULD be kicking himself because Matuidi would have cost us between 7-10 million last year and now his price tag has gone up to 15…(we could have really used him last year!)

With the arrival of Alvarez imminent along with Gervinho, possibly Chamberlain as well that could deplete us of much of our transfer budget to even get Matuidi.  We still have a must signing  in the defender department.

Unfortunately, there’s no youtube videos of Blaise except for one left footed shot so we hear all these good things about him but most of us haven’t even seen him play much. ¬†I watched him play for France last month and he looked good but would he fit in at Arsenal? ¬†Well he’s French…so probably! ¬†Anymore info you have on the Blaise please do tell!

What Quick Transfers Can Do For Arsenal

Today is finally looking up for Arsenal with the probable transfer of Ricardo Alvarez to Arsenal. ¬†I’ve been talking him up for a good month now and am really happy that he is¬†allegedly coming to Arsenal. ¬†Velez Sarsfield have confirmed that he will be leaving and it is pretty certain that it will be Arsenal. ¬† reported that Velez Sporting Director spoke and said that if “Arsenal come, well… then you have to tell the player ‘look, you deserve it’. Ricky has a lot to win.”

There are reports that say Arsenal will announce three signings next week: 1Ricky Alvarez 2Gervinho 3Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.  So we have our attacking signings just about out of the way if this is true.  My only concern is our striker position when Bendnter leaves.  With both Chamakh and Gervinho at the African Cup of Nations, will we do okay with Van Persie, Walcott, and Vela as our only strikers?

Either way, Arsenal need to do their transfer business quick, efficiently and SOON!

1. ¬†Nasri is waiting! ¬†Samir Nasri has said he wants reinforcements at the Emirates and this may be what it takes to get him to sign. ¬†If Arsenal have decided he’s worth keeping (he is) then we must reinforce and show Nasri that we mean business and we want to be the best team in Europe.

2. We still have a Fabregas saga to get through. ¬†This usually lasts the entire summer and not sure how long it will take this year for Barcelona to actually get him or give up on him when 40 million becomes to much for them to handle on their “top” target. ¬†This saga usually just bores the crap out of everyone anyways so we just need to not see it anymore.

3. Preseason preparations! ¬†There is no reason for us to be still making signings in the middle of preseason and when the season starts. ¬†This summer is a window for Arsenal to make their signings and when preseason comes along it is important that the team can play together and work well together. ¬†If it’s August 30th and we’re making a signing like Karim Benzema it may take a lot longer for him to adjust to the team, along with the tough Premier League. ¬†It doesn’t pay for us to make late signings.

So what does this all mean for transfers? ¬†Well if we get our 3 next week, we still have a Center Back to buy and it looks like Wenger has his heart set on buying English. ¬†Jagielka is the latest to be linked with us and as far as the three we’ve been linked with, none will come cheap. ¬†For me, we’d be better with Mertesacker, Sakho, or Vertonghen, maybe even Zapata.

Another need is a defensive midfielder. ¬†I’ve posted things on who can backup Alex Song, but there might be one who could overtake Alex in the midfield. ¬†Unfortunately Arsenal have waited to long to try and buy Gokhan Inler who is soon to sign with Napoli. ¬†Either way, we must look for a new defensive midfielder. ¬†Matuidi or Sven Bender would be my two top targets but Dortmund would never let Bender go…unfortunately ūüėČ

On a different note there has been talk of Alvarez being a replacement for Cesc Fabregas. ¬†I dont’ think so because I think Arsenal haven’t given up on keeping him yet. ¬†If they do let him sign for Barcelona they will either use Nasri to fill in this role and continue developing Ramsey or they will go out and find another midfielder to replace him. ¬†We could soon see a bit of a formation change as well and possibly two strikers up top!

Palermo Chief Announces Arsenal’s First Big Signing

So I woke up this morning to check if there was any new news today on Arsenal or a transfer or anything and I see that Palermo are still after Alvarez and would like to hijack Arsenal’s deal. ¬†So I went back to sleep a little upset with those Italian losers but then I woke up again later and here I am really happy because he’s said more!

‚ÄúWe did have a concrete bid for Alvarez and had him in our grasp back in January. Unfortunately, we didn‚Äôt complete the move in time, so we lost him to Arsenal. At this moment he has already signed for the Gunners.‚ÄĚ

Well if this is true, I am very very excited by this signing and think he will bring something big to this club…a trophy perhaps. ¬†Is this a sign that maybe someone is leaving though? ¬†Who knows, all that matter is that our only signing isn’t Carl Jenkinson anymore and we see some real intent on what Wenger has planned for next year! ¬†Anyways, lets get Gervinho and Cahill done and show all three off for the supporters!

Transfer: Arsenal Still After Alvarez, Fab bid rejected

Another day gone and still nothing. ¬†I’m really hoping that the Gervinho deal is done and we are just waiting for everything to get in place before we announce it. ¬†Samba looks far from done but has said that he hopes Blackburn won’t stop him from moving to Arsenal and wants to come here. ¬†I’m not his biggest fan so whatever either way, but I do think that Cahill is someone we need as well. ¬†I think he would play his best football here at Arsenal and would continue to grow as a player.

Yesterday it was reported by Young Guns that Arsenal were still after Velez Sarsfield play maker Ricky Alvarez. ¬†A representative had been over to speak with Velez last month but negotiations broke down over the transfer fee. ¬†It is believed they are asking 10-12 million which in this day and market really isn’t that much for a player of his potential. ¬†Wenger knows he has to bring in some quality but he needs to put up the cash to do so. ¬†Our scouts have been watching him for three years now and when it comes time to buy, we won’t put up the cash! ¬†Sounds like we’re using our resources well!

As long as he is a hard worker, he will soon be an Arsenal first-team player but we need to show we are serious about buying him. ¬†Wenger has said it himself that we can’t spend 50 million on a player but honestly…you can’t spend 12? ¬†If your going to spend 12 on a player like Samba but not Alvarez your doing something wrong…but that’s my opinion, I’m not the coach.

Next we’re back to our favorite subject which is Cesc Fabregas and Barcelona. ¬†It appears that Barcelona have made a verbal bid for the player in which Arsenal replied with a middle finger and said “Get a Clue!” ¬†Not really, but that’s what goes through my head! ¬†We did tell Barcelona to get real and come back when they have something serious to offer. ¬†If they do offer in the range of 40 million I think Arsenal will accept it though. ¬†With their 45 million transfer kitty, Bojan out the door, possibly Villa out the door, they could have enough to bring in Sanchez and Fabregas for 40 million each.

There’s also been talk of Villa coming to Arsenal and Fabregas the other direction which would be probably the best deal Arsenal could do. ¬†I love the idea of it and I sit there and think of a formation like Villa up top, Van Persie playing in behind him, walcott and Gervinho on the wings and no Messi to hog the limelight or complain about his playing time. ¬†I think Villa likes playing in Spain but should try something new before hanging up his boots.

Anyways, tomorrow is Friday and Arsenal usually announces any transfers on Friday so we can only hope. ¬†There hasn’t been really any news on Gervinho all week so I’m not sure if that’s good or bad!