Transfer News, Season Review, Menez and Higuain

Jeremy Menez Jeremy Menez of AS Roma in action during the Serie A match between AS Roma and Udinese Calcio at Stadio Olimpico on March 20, 2010 in Rome, Italy.News today is that Roma still want Clichy, and would be willing to part with Jeremy Menez in order to complete the deal.  Apparently if this deal goes down, we get Menez plus a small transfer fee…DEAL!  Arsenal need a few fresh faces in the team and Menez would be a good one.  The Frenchman has seen his Roma career stall and will be looking for a new place to play soon as well.  A fresh start for Menez and a fresh face for Arsenal would be good for both parties.

Pros:  A bit Feisty, strong and can hold players off, decent shot, has top level experience, good passer, not flashy like the rest of our players just does his business. Can play in the midfield or as a winger.

Cons:  Goes down a bit easy, never won anything, plays in the Italian league (huge negative)

My thoughts on it, are even though he may not start all the time he will be a reliable person we can have in our second team so that the skill level between our first and second team won’t be too much.  If you haven’t seen him play much, you can watch him here.

In other news, wait…there literally is no other news, its all the same right now.  Seems as though Wenger is on vacation in South America, and looking at players…hopefully Ricky Alvarez!

Lots of blogs and season reviews about now because of the lack of news and so many people saying we went backwards this year…I’m not sure how though.  We were in all 4 comps longer than any other English team, we made it to a final (which we didn’t the previous year) we beat Barcelona (only team in the champions league to do so) we beat Manchester United, and Chelsea in the league (and didn’t get scored on by Drogba) but because our last two months weren’t good…we went backwards…I think we just need to make a few minor adjustments/transfers and a back room change…and we’re fine.

Still talk of Samba coming in, why though?  I don’t think he would even start…any reason we should go for a player that would basically be the new Squillaci?  We’d be better off letting Bartley into the first team.  Anyways,  whatever happens happens.  Unfortunately for Arsenal, Nasri’s contract talks have stalled as he wants more money.  Well, it would be a big loss for Arsenal if he were to leave but he is replaceable.

If your in New York this week and are lucky enough, you will get to see Robin Van Persie and Cesc Fabregas.  Cesc Fabrega enjoying his holiday with Van Persie and not putting a second thought into Barcelona or his future.  It tells me that Fabregas will be with Arsenal next year as Wenger will not let him go.  Everyone has already given up on the idea of Fabregas staying but honestly, Barcelona are already buying another player, I don’t think they will spend the amount needed to get Fabregas.

Lastly!  the Daily Mail says that Arsenal and a few other teams are after Gonzalo Higuain and Real will be willing to sell him for 15 mil…I’m sitting here thinking YES!  I would love Higuain at Arsenal!  Only scoring a handful of goals last year because he was injured most of it but he is a striker well worth it.  I don’t think this rumor has much substance but it would be fantastic and just makes me dream of Higuain in an Arsenal shirt…I would have one too!


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