Transfer Linked: Gonzalo Higuain

The Latest player to be linked with a move to Arsenal is Argentine and Real Madrid striker Gonzalo Higuain.  The Daily Mail reports that Arsenal, Manchester City, and Liverpool will be on the alert as Real Madrid has put a 15 million price tag on the striker.  This will anger Jose Mourinho but will make space for Sergio Aguero.  Aguero has made public that he wishes to go to Real Madrid and had an agreement that Atletico would let him go where he wants.  Atletico on the other hand has said publicly that they will not let him go to Real Madrid.

Jose Mourinho considers Gonzalo Higuain to be his number 1 striker and his favorite despite only a handful of goals this year because of a back injury that kept him out for four months.  In his absence Karim Benzema and Emmanuel Adebayor have tried to pick up the slack but Real fell too far behind.  Higuain’s return was too late to help Madrid to the title.  Florentino Perez has never been a huge fan of Higuain though and their relationship has deteriorated.  Perez therefore, has put a 15 mil price tag on Higuain as he tries to grab Aguero.

Would he be a good fit at Arsenal?  In my opinion he would undoubtedly be better than Benzema, Falcao, Gervinho, Gameiro, who else have we been linked with?  Despite his low numbers this year he has a vast amount of experience for his age.  He has played through a World Cup as a starter for Argentina, he’s been through a few seasons with Real Madrid now as one of the main strikers.  He has Champions League experience as well.  He was born in France which should work in Arsenal’s favor.  He’s a very smart player, he’s got a good build and is strong so he shouldn’t have too much trouble adjusting to the Premier League.  Unlike most of our forwards (besides Van Persie) he’s a GREAT passer, and has an absolutely deadly finish.  He’s quick, can shoot from outside the box, and lastly and almost most importantly HE HAS PASSION!  We need more players with passion for Arsenal and I think he would be one of those players!  Don’t believe me? Watch below!


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