Arsenal Transfer News In and Out!

Lets start with the Ins starting with Christopher Samba.

“Hopefully it is a big summer for the club. My only concern at the moment is to go on holiday. I am not going to worry about next year now.  My mind is set on relaxing at the moment because, for me, that is the hardest season I have had at Blackburn Rovers. It has been very hard mentally.  Someone asked me what is harder, Playing for the title or playing to avoid relegation on the last day. That is harder. You are so drained, so credit to the players and everyone. We did it and I feel very proud about that.  A lot of things have changed and it has been a very hard time. That was the first time I have gone 12 games without a win, a lot of things have gone on.  I am very happy now though. Let us see who we sign. Now we can improve the squad. That is up to the owners, we have no powers”

So according to everyone else, this says he’s staying.  Which I’m completely fine with because I do not believe that Samba is the Center back we need.  If had gotten him in January I would be completely fine with that to cover for Vermaelen but now, I’d be okay with going for someone else.

Next is Peter Odemwingie who has been linked with a 4 million pound move to the Emirates.  The West Brom striker scored 15 goals in his first year there and a few against us unfortunately!  He is a good finisher and is pretty tall so he could do some good things at Arsenal but I don’t see him getting more playing time than Chamakh.  Could be good to have an experienced player like him play in the FA and Carling Cup games and make sure we don’t have replays to avoid too many games!  Watford’s Danny Graham is being linked as Odemwingie’s replacement for next season.  Not sure if its true but its only been rumored since yesterday and the source has always been pretty reliable in the past.

A source on Twitter has said that Arsenal will sign Gervinho next week, most people are giving this guy a lot of crap who is a journalist.  We’ll see what happens but it would be very nice if it were true!  Not too worried about it though.

Jose Mourinho has told any interested parties that he’d like to keep Benzema and Higuain and that board feel the same.

“It is not a case of me refusing to sell them, I don’t make those decisions. If the club want to do something, I’m nobody. We all agree on Higuain and Benzema: we want to keep them.”

If they want to get Aguero though they will have to get rid of somebody, not sure how they will be able to rotate Aguero, Higuain, Benzema, Di Maria, Ronaldo, Kaka, and whoever else they have playing as a forward and winger.  Real’s president is desperate to get back on top as the best team in the world and beat Barcelona, so they will want to keep their best players along with adding a few players.

A few days after saying that there has been no contact over Cesc Fabregas, a few crap sites have said Barcelona made a bid for him and I find it hilarious because it happens to often that Wenger will say something and someone will come out with the exact opposite.  Not only that but now Real Madrid is linked with a move for Cesc with Jose getting a 100 million transfer kitty and most of it expected to be put into Cesc Fabregas.  Would Fabregas go to anyone but Barcelona?  Probably not, but if it happened I would be sad he left, but I would laugh really hard that he went to Real.

Lastly are Bendtner comments on his future,

I have decided 100 percent that I must leave Arsenal,” he told “I’ve considered this for a long time and was quite clear when I arrived at my decision.

“It doesn’t feel particularly strange to not know what my future holds – I’m quite calm and confident that I’ll be fine at a new club.

“I’m fully focused on Saturday’s game [with Denmark] for now, because it is incredibly important, but after the international is over I may focus more directly on my future. [But] I am sure I could easily go on holiday without having to panic about it.

“I’m looking to relax, mentally, after a season that was not what I hoped for or expected.”

Hmm…okay goodbye!  Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!


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