The 10 Things Arsenal Must Do To Win The Premiership!

10.  Drop Fringe Players that aren’t good enough!  Too many times this year we’ve had to play 2 legs against teams that shouldn’t get close to drawing with us.  Leeds, Leyton Orient, all the small teams that got two legged ties were against our second team.  Players like Bendtner, Denilson, Vela, Squillaci, need to go so we can replace them with suitable players who will get the job done.

9.  Get their heads on straight! Losses to W.B.A, Stoke, Aston Villa, Bolton, draws with Wigan, Fulham, Blackburn, Leeds, Leyton Orient!  These outcomes are not acceptable!  There is enough pressure to beat the other big teams so we have to win the small games.  It has killed us in the past and even Song has admitted that the mentality is not right.

8.  A Game Plan!  Maybe it’s just me but it seems like we go into every game the same way.  We put out the same team, and we play the Arsenal style and don’t adjust to the type of team we’re playing.  We go against Blackburn, or Stoke who we know are going to try and push us around so instead of playing big guys like Chamakh and Bendtner, we play Arshavin, and Walcott!  The only game I saw Arsenal have a plan for was against Barcelona…and it worked!  Would have worked twice if it wasn’t for Busacca!

7. Tighten up the Defense!  Vermaelen is the man!  Djourou, and Kos are tactically weak and are too indecisive and commanding.  Whether we admit it or not, we miss both Kolo and Gallas because they were both leaders and they both took control when the time called for it.  Djourou and Kos just look too timid and need to man up and take control.  We all know Kos can get his head on it and we need to see more of that on defensive Corners.  Djourou despite his height is very weak on Corners and was beat many times this year on corners.  It may serve Arsenal well to hire a few new defensive coaches like Tony Adams.  He will teach them to leave it all out on the field and be leaders as well as the tactics.

 6. Keep the Experience!  Arsenal have some great experience in Arshavin and Rosicky, two players who have captained their countries.  Van Persie has much experience and Vermaelen keeps growing more and more.  Many people say we need to lose a few of these players but we need their experience to get us through the long season.  They are very useful as well to the young players like Coquelin, Frimpong, Bunjaku, and Lansbury.

5. Buy another Defender!  Arsenal need a player that is big, strong, commanding, experienced, and tactically solid…aka…Per Mertesacker!  The German has a lot of experience and is great on set pieces, he would be such an asset and fit in well with Vermaelen.  The Werder Bremen Center Back may be looking to move somewhere as Bremen didn’t have the best season in the Bundesliga.

4. Buy another Striker!  Bendter out! Vela out! That is most likely how the summer will go and Arsenal will need to replace with at least 1 player…why not go big!?  Falcao would be nice, Gameiro would be lovely, Hourou from PSG wouldn’t kill us…we need a good finisher and we need to put money down to get him.  We need a player who will give everything for Arsenal and work well with RvP.Whether RvP plays behind the striker or alone we need a great finisher who can give us some big goals!

3. A summer full of Rest!  Last year we had the World Cup and Fabregas and Van Persie suffered because of it whereas Nasri and Walcott were left behind and had a fantastic season.  I get the feeling that if Fabregas does stay he knows what to do in order to get a full healthy season in though as he gave Wilshere some advice on overplaying.  The rest of the guys need to take the summer off as well to regain their heads, as well as their health.  Wilshere needs his rest, Fabregas needs to get healthy again, Arshavin to get his head on straight, and Chamakh to regain form and fitness.  With the summer off Diaby could finally get healthy and possibly have a full season, in which he would show his true self, which is pure genius!

2. Buy an Argentine! By buy an Argentine, I mean Ricky Alvarez.  One of the top players in the Clausura with a deadly shot and great awareness.  The guy is definitely what Arsenal need, I just watched him play against Tigre and from what I saw he excels in many things that we lack in.  He makes late breaks into the box and we usually have 1 person in the box, he’s not afraid to take a shot as you can see from my previous post, his shot is ridiculous!  Especially since he can play anywhere he would be such a useful midfielder for Arsenal.  Definitely an alternative if Fabregas or Nasri leaves…which brings me to my next and final point.

1. Don’t sell Cesc Fabregas! At the beginning of the summer I was resigned to the fact that he would be leaving but then I started watching a few games he played in this year and thought, “there is no way we can let him leave.”  He is far too valuable and we need him!  Fabregas is the heart of our team and with a full healthy year could put in a 20 goal 20 assist year.


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