Transfers: Day of Disappointment but Encouraging Signs

The day came, and the day went and the only thing we saw was Arsenal sign a youngster and fail to sign a long time Arsenal Target in Phil Jones.  In the end, it was a disappointing day for Arsenal but at the same time, it was encouraging for many fans.  It was predicted by a few sources that Gervinho would be signing for Arsenal today.  I was looking forward to that happening as well but was also quite skeptical and new this may happen.  The news is that Gervinho will be leaving Lille for the Premier League, but to who?  A lot of people think Arsenal, anyone who doesn’t think Arsenal is thinking Newcastle.  It boggles mind that he would choose Newcastle over Arsenal when he has said in the past that he dreams of playing for Arsenal and that he wants to play at a top European team.

Earlier today we had a bid for Phil Jones accepted for between 16-20 million and instead he chose to go to Manchester United.  The 19 year old will play for the Red Devils next year and have to fight for a spot with Rio, and Smalling.  I’m actually relieved that we didn’t sign him even though he is quality.  He’s too young to come right into the team and is very expensive.  We can easily get better for cheaper but we may have to leave England for him.  There are rumors that Manchester United were in negotiations for Sakho and PSG and if that was true it probably hasn’t continued seeing that they just signed Jones.  It could bring in an opportunity for Arsenal to possibly bring in the giant Center Back!

Hopefully on Arsenal’s list is the Giant German Per Mertesacker!  Mertesacker didn’t have his best season in the Bundesliga this year and has even seen less time with the national team with the emergence of Mats Hummels.  Mertesacker would operate a lot better in the Arsenal team though with a better team around him.  He would be a key defender especially on set pieces and crosses.  Lastly there is Jan Vertonghen who is apparently no longer a transfer target of Manchester City as they focus on Gary Cahill.  Vertonghen is strong, tall, and in the same manner as Vermaelen, loves to score goals.  He doesn’t like the be pushed around and is as feisty as Jack Wilshere!

Any of these options would be considered viable for Arsenal and would be an improvement.  There has been talks of other players in England such as Cahill, Scott Dann, Samba and others but they would cost the same or more as the other three and in my opinion would not be as good.

What we have learned though is that Arsene Wenger is not afraid to spend the money and will be looking to improve the defense.  These are both encouraging signs and we could see a big summer for Arsenal.  If we let Fabregas, or Nasri go we will need to replace and we already know we will be losing Bendtner, Denilson and possibly Clichy.  If there are swap deals in there like some have suggested then we may be covered but much of our transfer money may come from sales.


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