Transfers: Today Will Be Filled With Excitement or Disappointment for Arsenal

We’ve all heard now of the big rumor that Gervinho is “supposed” to sign with Arsenal tomorrow and that it will be announced.  Whether fans want to admit it or not they will be a little happy that we’ve signed someone of real quality.  Most are still waiting for the Defender to arrive and more of us are praying for things to go Arsenal’s way with Cesc and Nasri.  Most are already convinced that Fabregas is as good as gone and the others are starting to not like Nasri because of his comments on Manchester United.

I am quite nervous about today because the possibility of getting Gervinho is quite exciting and his qualities will fit in excellent with Arsenal.  On the other side though, there is the possibility of it not happening tomorrow and some people being full of it and I’m very skeptical when it comes to all of this because I have loved football and Arsenal long enough to be skeptical with so many of these rumors.  I think if I were Arsenal though I would wait until next week to sign him because they predicted this week.  It’d be fun at least.

If we don’t get Gervinho will I be disappointed?  Yes, but I’ll be more disappointed if he doesn’t come Arsenal but goes to Newcastle instead.  To me that is just a step backwards in your career.

Reporter:  Gervinho you just helped your team win its first Ligue 1 title in 57 years, what are you going to do next?

Gervinho:  I’m going to an average club that didn’t make it in the top 10, doesn’t play Champions League or Europsta League, didn’t make the top 10 and was recently promoted…

That is not acceptable!!!  If your not coming to Arsenal you stay put in Lille so we can take Hazard instead!  If your worried about Cesc and Nasri you shouldn’t be though…I have a feeling that if those 2 both leave we will find world class players like Hazard.


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