Transfer Update

Well today was another day filled with no signings from Arsenal but much talk of them.  It appears we are close to a 9 million pound deal to land Samba and are STILL close to landing Gervinho.  Cahill is also an option but I don’t see Wenger signing two Center Backs especially with news that Wenger will give Kyle Barley a chance to play in preseason.  Arsene Wenger has returned to London now from vacation and it looks like hopefully to sign a few players.  It looks like Arsenal is going to splash the cash but at the same time its looking like they will make some money as well.  Players that may be gone by the end of the transfer window include: Clichy, Bendtner, Denilson, Almunia, Fabregas and Nasri.

If by some odd and weird mishap Arsenal do sell Fabregas and Nasri there is only one solution that I see acceptable.  Sell Fabregas for cash plus Ibrahim Afellay, Sell Nasri and use it to buy Eden Hazard, and lastly buy Ricky Alvarez.  I think the talent of Hazard makes up for Nasri easily so I think he is a must already and there is word today that we are in talks with Lille for Eden Hazard.  How true is it?  I don’t know I’m just a blogger sharing my opinions.  Honestly though, Lille has already said losing Hazard and Gervinho would be devastating.  I think we should help soften the blow though by offering Denilson, Eboue and Bendtner for the two plus a little cash if we need to.  Three players with Champions League experience and top level experience could really help Lille out and Denilson would definitely do better in a league like France.

Like I said before, Wenger is back in London possibly to sign a player and the most recent word is that player is Samba.  There is news that the transfer offer has been accepted but we are just waiting for Samba to sign on the dotted line.  Samba a couple of weeks ago wasn’t thinking about it but it has to be a tempting offer.  I’m not sure on my feelings towards signing Samba though.  He has good experience, he’s not the fastest, not the best touch or dribbler but he’s a giant, strong, good in the air and on set pieces.  While that may be nice, the entire team needs to improve on set pieces.

Liverpool have been busy in the transfer market and are looking to land Clichy from Arsenal which seems like a backward step in his career when I was pretty sure he wanted to move forward.  Unless Clichy is looking for a break next year and only play once a week and not worry about European play at all.  Besiktas is in for Bendtner as well, not sure he’ll be looking for that move but I don’t care too much as long as he goes.  Lastly, we are back to Fabregas because a few things have happened today and his agent has met or will meet with Barcelona officials to plan out how they can get Cesc in a Barcelona shirt.  So half of reports today say that Fabregas will be leaving for sure and Barcelona will pay less than what they offered last year.  The other reports say that the high transfer fee will cost Fabregas his Barcelona return.  Lets be honest though 28 for Fabregas? When Liverpool spend 20 million on…Jordan Henderson.



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