Transfers: Gervinho, Sakho and Outgoing Players

Seriously Arsene? I'm not going to wait forever!

Well, we were all so excited at the beginning of the transfer period but I think many of us are a bit worried with a good possibility now of losing Nasri and Fabregas.  Looks like we’ll also be losing Clichy, Bendtner, Denilson, and hopefully Almunia but most were prepared for that.  It looks like the old Wenger is back as well backing out of deals because he thinks they are too expensive, but with the inflation of prices he can’t realistically stick with his principles of getting them for his valuation because the values have gone way up.  If he’s going to settle for the player that costs 10 mil or less then we won’t be competing for Champions League next year, we’ll be hoping for Europa Cup.

News from BBC Sport is that we are working on the deal for Gervinho as he does want to come to Arsenal but a transfer fee cannot be agreed between the two teams.  Honestly, they will probably get a decent amount of money from transfers out this year plus the money they already have, they need to suck it up and bring in the players we need e.g. Hazard, Cahill, Alvarez, Gervinho, any others depending on our outgoing players.  It’s very important that we stay competitive with Chelsea and Manchester City who are in talks for top players at top prices.  What would Wenger say to this?  “Well we can’t spend 50 million on a player”  I’M NOT ASKING YOU TO! I’m asking you to put up 25 for a player who  will soon be one of the best players in the world…Eden Hazard!  I’m asking y0u to get us a defender because the others you’ve bought haven’t worked! Besides Vermaelen.

Honestly I am a fan of Wenger but you look at some teams like Borussia Dortmund.  They had their 1 player leave for Madrid, and they bought 2 new players to cover that hold in Ilkay Gundogan, and Perisic.  They are done spending unless they have another leave.  Their transfers are taken care of and now they can concentrate on preseason and getting ready for the Bundesliga.  We won’t be ready, and wehave to qualify for Champions League too against someone who will be good.  At that time we will still be trying to get a transfer fee right for Gervinho.  There is also news that we may be focusing on Sakho now instead and as much as I hope that it’s true I’m not really buying it.  PSG already has a lot of money and won’t have a need to sell but who knows, maybe the price Arsenal offer will be enough.  Sakho is the player Arsenal need to buy right now too!  Unfortunately I don’t see it happening!

Anyways, more news on Nasri is heating up with rumors of him talking to Man United and the possibility of him only leaving on 10 million which is quite sad to be honest.  Sad that he would leave us for Manchester United, and that he would leave for so little doesn’t help our situation.  It’s a spot we must replace if we lose him because we cannot just say ” oh we have Rosicky” really? for how long? half the season maybe and he’s never in form.  If we lose him, we have to see Alvarez, or Hazard come in.

Fabregas as well may be on his way out with his agent Darren Dein meeting soon with Barcelona to discuss the transfer and what it’s going to take.  I was pretty sure this year he could buy out his contract and while I don’t think he’s that kind of person, he does really want to be there and will do anything to get back to Barcelona so that would be another unfortunate event.  We could be forced into taking their offer, and if we do, I do hope there is a player coming the other way in the deal such as Thiago or Afellay.

Could be a bad next couple weeks for Arsenal fans but lets hope for the best!


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