Transfers: Boring Weekend With Flip-Flopping Press

What a weekend eh? No official transfers from Arsenal except Jenkinson just speculation and reports saying we’re waiting to announce things until a certain time.  A few days ago it was Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain who was said to have completed a transfer to Arsenal but it wouldn’t be announced until July 1st.  Today I saw reports that Liverpool would hijack it, and that Manchester United were going to get him.

It’s all a load of crap to me and I love looking at the news and hoping and getting excited thinking that Arsenal signed Gervinho and are going to try and get Benzema but in reality we just have to take a step back and realize most of the stuff put up is a load of crap.  Now that doesn’t necessarily mean that Benzema and Gervinho won’t sign for us.

As of right now though we need to be worrying about the team we have already!  We have two guaranteed departures in Bendtner and Denilson, possible departures from Nasri, Clichy, Fabregas, Vela, Almunia, and Rosicky.

We have one signing so far in Jenkinson and over 30 players linked to us who are possibilities but most very unlikely.  Wenger looks willing to splash the cash but still looks like he’s going to low ball a lot of his offers to try and not overpay..when he has the money to pay for these players.

One thing I think though, is that Arsene needs to get his first team sorted out before he goes for his kids like Jenkinson and Oxlade-Chamberlain, because I don’t see either of them playing full time for the first-team this year.

Something I thought interesting was our transfer dealings with Bolton and Gary Cahill where Arsenal would offer cash plus Miquel and possibly Bartley on loan.  Last time we did something like this was with Coquelin and Lorient, and that turned out quite well for Arsenal as Coquelin became a full starter and looks like he’ll get to see some action this year.  It would really be good business for both teams!

Kroenke is looking to keep Nasri and Clichy by offering more money and it seems as though Clichy just wants out.  It seems as though he’s slowly declined this year and I think we all realize he just wants to leave.  Who knows what Nasri is thinking though and I’m not worried because there are many who can replace him.

Anyways, today is the big day!  Reports have claimed that Arsenal will receive an offer for Fabregas and that Arsenal will accept it!  Sometimes I wish we would get an offer that was sufficient enough to accept so I would not have to hear about it anymore!  Apparently, we’ll get Bojan out of the deal and Thiago, but I would rather Barcelona keep those two and they give us Afellay.  At least then we have our replacement for Cesc already.

Lastly, we’re getting linked with all these defenders and most of them are crap.  Why would I want a Birmingham City defender!  They were just relegated how can he possibly be Arsenal material!  Lets just get Cahill, or Vertonghen and move on! Boom!


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