Transfer Roundup!

So a day has past since Ivan Gazidis met with the AST and many fans aren’t really over it yet as he dodged a lot of questions and made many fans jeer.  Although he did not get rattled and seemed cool, calm and collected many of the fans have called BS on some of the things he’s said.

In the aftermath he has promised a plethora of signings and what would happen the day after?  Lille announces that they are in talks with Arsenal for Gervinho which I think is good business for both teams.  It’s positive for Lille because they get a good amount of money plus not having to deal with Arsenal coming after Hazard, and Arsenal get a good player who can really make a difference next season.

Also coming out today is a few more rumors but according to Young Guns,  Alexander Milošević and Ricky Alvarez will most likely not be coming to Arsenal which is a bit of a disappointment for me.  Not too long ago Wenger said that we need to bring in some height, yet we are linked with a move for Willian, who is pretty small.  For me I would rather have Alvarez but I guess its not my call.

Shaktar could be receiving a bid soon involving Denilson going the other way to Ukraine.  Denilson on his way out after declaring this to be his worst year ever is really looking to go ANYWHERE.  I believe he’s said that he want to go to Italy, Germany, or Spain so he can try to get into the National Team.  Not sure where Willian would fit into the team either seeing that we have enough wingers depending on if Miyaichi gets a work permit, and if Arshavin stays.

We will still have Nasri and Fabregas to deal  with during the summer and Sagna has come out and said Fabregas wants out, and even though we all knew that already, someone from Arsenal has said it and pretty soon Fabregas himself may come out and say it.  Will he or won’t he? Whatever, take a look at Willian.


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