Arsenal Would Be Unwise to Miss Out on Ricky Alvarez

Reports today are that Roma have been readying a package of money send over to Velez Sarsfield in an attempt to bring over Ricky Alvarez.  It was first reported about a month ago that Ricky Alvarez had signed a pre-contract with Arsenal but was then later disclosed that Velez would need 12 million pounds to bring over the Argentine Stud.

Roma have been readying a bid now that the Clausura is done and will look to bring him in in their attempt to win the Serie A.  It would be a terrible career choice on his part and a terrible miss by Arsenal if things turn out like this.

Ricky Alvarez is tall, strong, has a late burst and makes really smart runs.  He’s a great finisher and has a fantastic left foot.  he’s somewhat similar to Javier Pastore who is now selling for 44 million…Why are Arsenal not investing in this guy!  He’s a bit older than Pastore but he’s a great player and still has a lot of potential to unlock.

To miss out on a player of his potential would be unwise and as we look to add new players into the mix next year to actually win a trophy, we should be already securing this deal!  Le Grove reported yesterday that we are definitely interested so it’s important that we do wrap this transfer up quickly and successfully…the price is a steal!


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  1. I would pick Alvarez over Gervinho any day. He’s got flair that you don’t find to often in a player.

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