Nasri wants 160,000 pounds a week!

Arsenal contract rebel Samir Nasri is having trouble with the offer on the table suggested to be at about 90,000 pounds…a week…he wants 160,000 pounds a week.  50,000 more than our highest earner.  Samir, just because you got close to winning an award and had an amazing half of the season doesn’t mean you get that much money.

I'm not crazy my mother had me tested!

You keep asking for that and you will be in Italy throwing your career away in no time and I’l be here laughing watching your replacement happy to take his 50,000 a week to put in more goals than you.  You are such a great player Samir, with so much talent and potential and flair…why do you have to be such a douchebag!  Just sign the thing we gave ya and be happy that your playing in the best league in the world with one of the best teams in the world.

There’s murmers a foot that we have made a big offer to Willian and Shaktar Donetsk but we’ve put a deadline on when they must get back to Arsenal so we can decide quickly whether we are selling Nasri or offering him even more money.

If Nasri leaves its a huge letdown but Willian could be a very good replacement and won’t complain about not playing in the middle because he’s an actual winger.  It’s nice to see that we have replacements lined up in case our big guns leave us.  I wonder who they will line up if Cesc leaves.  Gourcuff? Moutinho? Honda? Alvarez?

Either way our French Magician seems to be out of his mind if he thinks he deserves 160,000 pounds a week.


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