Pastore Costs 44 Million but Barcelona Continue to Lowball Arsenal

Today Chelsea and a host of other clubs were told that Palermo midfielder Javier Pastore would cost 44 million in order for a deal to get done.  Meanwhile Barcelona have made one offer last year of 28 million, and have been rumored to only have a 45 million transfer budget this summer with a few big names already on the list of potential buys.  Barcelona continue to think they can low ball Arsenal with players like Thiago and a low amount of money when Palermo is charging up the butt for Pastore.

Javier Pastore

Age: 22

Club Appearances: 78

Goals: 17

Javier Pastore was 2010 Serie A Young Player of the Year and has a bright future at the age of 22.  After spending 2 full seasons at Palermo he is rumored to be on his way to a top club with the transfer fee above 40 million.  Pastore was a part of the World Cup team in South Africa and has received few caps but still is considered one of the brightest young prospects in the Serie A.  Before my next part, I would like to say I would love to have him at Arsenal and I think he’s a top talent and brilliant…but Pastore plays in the Serie A…come on!  Italian football is pathetic, its not very competitive any more and even Denilson could have success there.  He’s only been playing there for two years and to come from a league like that and have that high of a transfer fee?  Chelsea can pay the 40+ mil and have him turn out like Aquilani.

Francesc Fabregas

Age: 24

Club Appearances: 211

Goals: 57

Assists: 100

Fabregas has broken several club records, won the World Cup with Spain and the Euros and is the Captain of Arsenal.  Rumored to want to return to his boyhood club Barcelona Fabregas has been a vital part of Arsenal’s midfield for years.  Fabregas has dealt with injuries this last year but is looking to be fit for the start of the season and shake the injuries off.  He is a proven big time player in the Premier League and if you can make it in the Premier League you can probably play in any other league.  Barcelona are now pursuing the attacking midfielder and have had one offer rejected in 2010.  It is now rumored they will offer less but with Thiago and possibly Bojan.  If Pastore is 44 mil, how is Fabregas 25-30 even?

My main point in this isn’t to burn Javier Pastore, its more to give a message to Barcelona to put up or go away!


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