Transfer News: Chamberlain, Fabregas, Nasri

Everything is heating up and everyone has been so nervous about our potential loss of Nasri and Fabregas and now both have come out today easing things a bit.  Nasri’s agent has said that they have other interested teams but they are only talking to Arsenal right now and that there will be more talks soon.  Fabregas has refused to ask out at Arsenal in respect to Arsenal and will let Arsene Wenger decide his future but once he gets back to Arsenal will probably beg for a move.  He’s quite classy to say those things for Arsenal fans.

Now to the business, TransferLatest has reported that all betting on Chamberlain to Arsenal is suspended so its basically a done deal.  Once Arsenal can confirm that for me, I’ll believe it but Chamberlain could be a good buy this year especially with Miyaichi most likely failing to get a work permit.  Unfortunately Miyaichi was left out of the U-21 team this summer…Feyenoord probably paid them off to do so…so they could try and get him back.

There are other teams though interested in Miyaichi’s services like Napoli and a few other Dutch teams as well.  If he were to go to Napoli he would have to work harder to get into the starting 11, but if he could break in to it he would get Champions League football and thats he needs to progress.

Le Grove is saying that we are definitely in for 4 players right now in Gervinho, Samba, Cahill, and Alvarez.  Young Guns posted yesterday we probably wouldn’t try for Alvarez anymore and Le Grove have said we are definitely still interested and while they are conflicting reports both sources are quite reliable and have good sources.  I do hope its true that we will be in for Alvarez.

On Cahill and Samba, he says that we may only get 1 of them but we are working on deals for both to see which one will work out and maybe we will still go for both.  Either way, I think both would be good buys.  I have never been huge on Samba but I think I can grow to like him but I think the Defender we buy needs to be one who is going to be starting right away along side Vermaelen.  If we have a player of his quality and then Kos and Djourou as backup it will be a good rotating system.

Gervinho signing is still being worked on because the teams need to agree a transfer fee, which will probably be pretty hefty.  There is also a reported Willian offer, not sure how true it is because he is said to be a replacement for Nasri, but we are still talking to Nasri about resigning.


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