Fabregas value down, and transfers

So no official word yet on Gervinho but I’ve heard he’s signed a 4 year contract and that the clubs will confirm it before the end of the week and Arsenal do love confirming their signings on Fridays.  Anyways, it will be great to get him and have him aboard and we look for you to have 20 goals or more next season…NO PRESSURE!

“What is the limit for signing him? We’ll need to see. First we need to know what his salary is and what are his conditions.

“Everything is in relation to the salary and the transfer fee, but if last year we offered €40m, a year has passed, it is clear that this year his value is less.

“I don’t know what will happen with Cesc, but in the case that we were interested, we won’t go mad and pay over the top.”

Fabregas 2Those are the words of Sandro Rosell speaking on Fabregas and whether Barcelona would pursue him.  It’s kind of funny because we often get mad at Barcelona for low balling Arsenal and Fabregas’s worth.  I myself get mad about it sometimes but in reality, they are doing what Wenger does to almost every team!  He is picking his valuation of the player and if the team doesn’t like it, well guess we won’t get him.

With Rosell saying these things I don’t see Fabregas leaving this summer and Cesc will need to do his part in staying healthy and fit and having a good season to show that Barcelona are wrong in their valuation of him.

Fabregas has his heart on Barcelona and many of the Barcelona players want him there but I’m not sure Barcelona are fully committed to landing him and have other targets they would like instead.

Barcelona have said they only have 45 million for transfers and are looking at Alexis Sanchez and Giuseppe Rossi who would both have pretty hefty price tags.  If they continue their pursuit of these two then there is a large chance that Fabregas will play for Arsenal next year and continue to lead out the team.

In other news, there is reports that we are in advanced talks for Cahill and Samba while others are suggesting Man City will be the ones getting Cahill who have 20 Center Backs already, why not ruin someone else’s promising career!

Also, it has been confirmed that Arsenal tried to get Douglas Costa and offered Denilson but it was rejected.  Shaktar have said they do not want Denilson (who would!) they only want money for the flashy winger.  Hopefully with that rejection Arsenal will turn back to Ricky Alvarez and buy him.


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