New Developments in Arsenal’s Transfer Market

So not really a lot of news today but it appears Arsene Wenger and Arsenal have more money now because of some developments on Arsenal property.  It also appears Wenger is low balling every team he wants a player from.  There is word that the Arsenal Gervinho deal is having some minor problems and Arsenal really just need to get it done!  With the busy schedule this coming year we havepreseason, Asia, Emirates Cup, Qualifying for Champions League and the Premier League…this is no time to be lolly gagging!  We need to finish up our transfers asap.  I don’t see how making our signings late in the summer when the season is about to start will be good for the team!

There are a few players linked to us, one being Jose Enrique who is looking to come in and replace Gael Clichy as he looks like he’s heading for Roma.  Also…Joey Barton…not sure how I feel about this one yet.  From what I hear these rumors on Barton are pretty concrete and we really could go for him.  While he would bring some really good qualities in I’m not sold on him.  He was Newcastle’s best player last year and he claims he’s settled down to make up for lost time of injuries and stupidity so in reality it could be quite a good signing for Arsenal.  Still not sure on it, I’m skeptical…

As far as Cesc Fabregas goes, Wenger has made it perfectly clear that we will not be selling…Peter Hill-Wood has made it perfectly clear that there is room to negotiate…

“Yes, they have spoken to us about Cesc, They have been in touch but so far they have not made a bid and we do not want to let him go.”

“But he comes from Barcelona so it is understandable if he wanted to go back. However, they have not made an offer so far.”

I see the part that says “we do not want to let him go” and that’s basically where he should have stopped because his last line has put confusion and nausea in  Arsenal Fans.

This summer might give me a stroke from all the excitement to being nervous to being upset and then excited  about signing this player but then it doesn’t work out.  What has made me sad over the past few weeks is we haven’t really been linked to any BIG players.  Not big in size but players that will come in and really make the difference.  About a month ago we had Falcao, and Benzema on our radar…what happened to those types of players?  Now we’re after Barton, Parker, Defore, Enrique, Samba…

Lastly, on Samba who would like to come to Arsenal and Arsenal want, and most Arsenal fans want is being held onto by Blackburn

“We don’t want to let Chris go, I’m confident that we can keep him and I hope he’ll stay. I know he has an ambition to play for Arsenal but I hope we can keep him for another year at least and prove our own ambition.”

Well they already sold Phil Jones so it’s understandable that they don’t want to sell Samba and I don’t really want him at Arsenal anyways.  His best attribute are his set piece abilities which is why every Arsenal fan want him…but there’s more to a defender than their set piece ability they also have to cope with our high line, and being able to play the ball out of the back and I really don’t think Samba is good enough.  We can’t buy a player who is good at set pieces but terrible everywhere else.  Why we still haven’t gone for Mertesacker yet, I don’t know.


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