Arsenal Weekly Preview

So a slow start to what hopes to be a busy week for Arsenal in the Transfer Market, we are still waiting for a conclusion on the Gervinho transfer, as well as seeing what Center Back Arsenal go for.  Will it be Cahill or Samba?  Maybe Arsenal will pull a fast one on us and buy Mertesacker…wouldn’t that be a pleasant surprise?

The only news today is about QPR midfielder Adel Taraabt…he’s saying that Arsenal and Chelsea are interested but he wants to go where he’ll get first team football.  I don’t think he would get that at Arsenal.  Sounds more like he’s trying to engineer himself a move to a big club more than anything…he’s kind of like Bendtner’s dad!

Speaking of the Dane, a lot of speculation has been heating up about where he’ll be off to next.  Not sure many top teams are going to want him and he may realize he’ll have to settle for a lower team.

Actual Arsenal news though, it looks like Emmanuel Frimpong will be leaving on loan this year which is a good career move.  If he can be a regular starter out on loan this year he can come back and be a regular starter for Arsenal and really give Song a run for his money.  For now it’s Coquelin’s chance.  Unfortunately for Coquelin, he won’t be back for preseason because he’ll be with the French U-20’s.

If reports are true, then there should be a crew from Barcelona in London today to try and negotiate with Arsene Wenger to give up Cesc Fabregas.  They are thinking of even bypassing everyone else and going straight to Kroenke.  We’ll see what happens with that but if he does leave it will be important we have a replacement and I think that Arsenal should prepare for his possible departure with a big midfielder signing whether he leaves or not.

It’s a little disheartening seeing some of the players we’re linked with as possible replacements for Fabregas though.  If we sell a world class player we should be signing a world class player, not a potential world class player… we are linked with Jurado, Taraabt, Barton, Menez  when we should be linked with players like Diego, Hamsick, Gourcuff, and Lucho.

Diego would be quite a signing for Arsenal, he’s at an average team with Wolfsburg and could do so many great things with Arsenal with his slick passing, great awareness, his set piece accuracy, and is just a great footballer, although he’s had some troubles in the last few years.  His last few years haven’t been successful with Juventus and Wolfsburg but I still rate him quite highly and with the right team around him he could return to being the brightest Brazilian talent and at a cut price of around 6 million, but I don’t see it happening anways.  Anyways, wishful thinking


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