Transfers: Why Arsenal should be targeting Wolfsburg’s Diego

So far this year it’s been nothing but speculation on the buying and selling end.  Denilson, Bendtner, Clichy, and a few others all want out and the Fabregas saga continues.  On the other end we are after Gervinho, Samba, Cahill and from reports Falcao, Douglas Costa, and 50 other players.

Every team is asking more than Arsenal are willing to pay, and we are asking more than other teams are willing to pay.  There is a player though that is thought to be pretty cheap, and would have a chance to make up for a couple of hard years elsewhere.  He was regarded as one of the brightest Brazilian talents and was a starter for the national team.  Of course I’m talking about Diego of Wolfsburg.

Diego is another great prospect out of Santos in Brazil where he made his way to FC Porto for two years and eventually transferred to Werder Bremen in the Bundesliga and enjoyed so much success there.  He has won many different things with Brazil, Bremen and Porto and his career started off so brightly.

Unfortunately he moved to an Italian team who ruined his career like every Italian team does.  After an unsuccessful year at Juventus he signed for Wolfsburg back in the Bundesliga and made 30 appearances scoring 6 goals.  His goal scoring isn’t really his focal point as he is a tricky midfielder with his passing and vision.  He see passes before they happen and can be much like Cesc Fabregas with a little more creativity.

A few months ago he walked out on Wolfsburg in a training Session and it is thought that he will be leaving Wolfsburg.  Although his father has said that they will not be leaving Wolfsburg yet, it is thought his transfer fee will be around 6-8 million Euros and would be a signing Wenger should make.  Why?  Well I just said why but you still don’t believe he has what it takes?  Well then watch this and tell me your thoughts.


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  1. Diego is one of the biggest doucebags in the game. If he doesn’t get all the attention, he gets pissy and disrupts the entire atmosphere of the team. He did this both at Juventus and Wolfsburg and I really feel that players like that should just be ignored by any club so they realize that this kind of crappy attitude isn’t going to get them anywhere. I don’t think he’s in anyway helpful to Arsenal. He has potential to be a fantastic player, but his attitude is always going to stand in his way.

  2. Hey, nice article. My man Left Foot up above has a point, Diego can suffer from Ibrahimivic syndrome if things aren’t going his way. But I was a huge fan of his when he was at Bremen and if he could resuscitate that form he’d seem like a suitable replacement for Cesc. The fact is there’s always an “If” factor with bringing any player from one club to another.

    • Ya agreed, I think if he gets his attitude in check as well he could be a GREAT player for Arsenal. He has many attributes like Cesc and a lot of creativity so while I’d like to see it happen, I also would be a bit nervous

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