Cesc For Villa, Bendtner to Dortmund and Kerzhakov

Couple of new things today with Vela not getting any good offers so he may be at Arsenal yet again next year.  Hopefully he can put on a great display in preseason and get a few more games in.  The Mexican forward has had trouble getting into the Arsenal team and didn’t have the most successful time at West Brom last year.  With Gervinho looking more and more likely to come into the Arsenal team he may have even more trouble getting in.  Although with Bendtner on the way out, he may still be in the same position.

Speaking of Bendtner, there is interest from Borussia Dortmund who had representatives fly in from Germany.  Is this a better option than Arsenal?  I don’t see him getting much more playing time.  Lucas Barrios is a better player than Bendtner and Robert Lewandowski has done well.  Another striker though could benefit the Bundesliga Champions as they face Champions League this year and will have a heavier schedule.  Jurgen Klopp is class as well and may even be able to tone Bendtner’s cocky attitude down a little bit.  Either way I don’t really see it happening and if it does, I don’t see why he would because he won’t start.

Transfer Tavern is reporting that we have offered 12 million + a player for Zenit St. Petersburg Striker Aleksandr Kerzhakov.  With the transfer of Gervinho imminent and Bendtner out coming swiftly another striker will be needed with the African Cup this January.  Kerzhakov is thought to be that player and could be a big transfer for the Gunners.  I’m not too familiar with the players skills and talents and he is 5’9″ so not sure what he can bring to Arsenal, but what I do know is he carries a lot of experience with him having played in Spain and Russia.  The 29 year old carries quite a hefty transfer fee for his age and the player going the other way will probably be Denilson…which is the reason for us paying more…we have to pay teams to take him off our hands!!!  Sorry, lame joke!

Lastly there are many rumors of a Cesc for David Villa trade which would be HUGE.  Not sure how I feel about it but a striker like Villa is what Arsenal need.  I imagine a game with Villa playing up top with Van Persie playing behind him and I get quite excited.  Not really sure Villa would be really happy with this as well as he has been looking forward to playing with Fabregas.  There are also rumors of Villa going to Chelsea or Manchester City so they can fund the transfer of Fabregas.  I see the trade as a good idea for Arsenal and then we won’t have to deal with this saga anymore.  The only thing is Villa’s age.  How many years will Arsenal get out of David Villa?

What is your opinion on Villa for Fabregas?


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