Why Christopher Samba is NOT the Answer to Arsenal’s Problems

In a summer full of nothing but speculation we see Arsenal linked with tons of players all around the world.  Only a few of them are actually legitimate and one that seems to be in the works is Christopher Samba.  Blackburn are reluctant to sell and are holding out for 12 million pounds for the beastly center back.  Many Arsenal fans and “experts” think that this would be a great Arsenal signing and would help us in our Set Piece Dept. along with giving us a little more strength.

I unfortunately, am no expert and while I don’t disagree that Samba could help out in set pieces, I do think he lacks some of the things that an Arsenal center defender should have.  We, as Arsenal fans, are thinking with a narrow mind and looking at where he could help instead of what problems he would create for Arsenal.  Samba would bring strength, help on set pieces, out muscle more defenders and give Arsenal a little more intimidation.  What doesn’t he have though?  He’s slower, not as comfortable on the ball, does not read the game well, won’t be comfortable dribbling out of the back.

Arsenal play a very high line and with Samba in there we would get caught by faster strikers all day long.  The ball is played around the back four quite often as they often come support the attack and with someone uncomfortable we will have careless mistakes which could lead to goals.  It’s nice that he can help us on set pieces but I’m afraid his lack of talent in other places could hurt Arsenal more than help.  It is important Arsenal find a player of his height or ferocity who can read the game better and fit into the Arsenal system better.

Arsenal MUST find a way to sign Sakho although it may be quite hard with the money PSG has now.  Sakho is big, reads the game well and is the mould of a center back Arsenal have been yearning for.  Another good candidate would be Per Mertesacker.  He didn’t have his best year, but he’s a beast and is probably one of the best center backs when dealing with crosses, set pieces but is also a good defender as well.  Lastly,  there is Jan Vertonghen.  Not the tallest, but makes up for it with his attitude.  Vertonghen doesn’t take crap from anyone and goes in hard to the tackle, as well as being good on set pieces.

Which brings me to my next point.  Arsenal must have quality in their depth.  We often deal with injuries and must go to our backups.  The likes of Denilson, Bendtner, Arshavin, Rosicky, Vela, just haven’t cut it and if we are to really push for a title challenge then we need quality in depth.  Any player that goes out must be replaced.

Bendtner on his way out soon will be replaced by Gervinho, and when Denilson leaves, it’s important we sign a holding midfielder to replace him.  Sissoko or Matuidi should be brought in to have quality in our back ups.  Alvarez is a must whether we lose Fabregas or not.  The current crop of our bench just isn’t good enough and there needs to be a plethora or signings if we will have any realistic chance at a trophy.

So far we have none, but we must be close to at least 2 signings because we have offered Denilson to a few teams now trying to get a player in return.  It would be great if Arsenal would go back in for Douglas Costa as he is a real talent as well.  Whatever happens, happens in this transfer period but it will decide whether Wenger really wants a trophy or not and while he’ll claim we have a team that can win, they haven’t proved it in 6 years.


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