Transfer: Arsenal Still After Alvarez, Fab bid rejected

Another day gone and still nothing.  I’m really hoping that the Gervinho deal is done and we are just waiting for everything to get in place before we announce it.  Samba looks far from done but has said that he hopes Blackburn won’t stop him from moving to Arsenal and wants to come here.  I’m not his biggest fan so whatever either way, but I do think that Cahill is someone we need as well.  I think he would play his best football here at Arsenal and would continue to grow as a player.

Yesterday it was reported by Young Guns that Arsenal were still after Velez Sarsfield play maker Ricky Alvarez.  A representative had been over to speak with Velez last month but negotiations broke down over the transfer fee.  It is believed they are asking 10-12 million which in this day and market really isn’t that much for a player of his potential.  Wenger knows he has to bring in some quality but he needs to put up the cash to do so.  Our scouts have been watching him for three years now and when it comes time to buy, we won’t put up the cash!  Sounds like we’re using our resources well!

As long as he is a hard worker, he will soon be an Arsenal first-team player but we need to show we are serious about buying him.  Wenger has said it himself that we can’t spend 50 million on a player but honestly…you can’t spend 12?  If your going to spend 12 on a player like Samba but not Alvarez your doing something wrong…but that’s my opinion, I’m not the coach.

Next we’re back to our favorite subject which is Cesc Fabregas and Barcelona.  It appears that Barcelona have made a verbal bid for the player in which Arsenal replied with a middle finger and said “Get a Clue!”  Not really, but that’s what goes through my head!  We did tell Barcelona to get real and come back when they have something serious to offer.  If they do offer in the range of 40 million I think Arsenal will accept it though.  With their 45 million transfer kitty, Bojan out the door, possibly Villa out the door, they could have enough to bring in Sanchez and Fabregas for 40 million each.

There’s also been talk of Villa coming to Arsenal and Fabregas the other direction which would be probably the best deal Arsenal could do.  I love the idea of it and I sit there and think of a formation like Villa up top, Van Persie playing in behind him, walcott and Gervinho on the wings and no Messi to hog the limelight or complain about his playing time.  I think Villa likes playing in Spain but should try something new before hanging up his boots.

Anyways, tomorrow is Friday and Arsenal usually announces any transfers on Friday so we can only hope.  There hasn’t been really any news on Gervinho all week so I’m not sure if that’s good or bad!


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