What Quick Transfers Can Do For Arsenal

Today is finally looking up for Arsenal with the probable transfer of Ricardo Alvarez to Arsenal.  I’ve been talking him up for a good month now and am really happy that he is allegedly coming to Arsenal.  Velez Sarsfield have confirmed that he will be leaving and it is pretty certain that it will be Arsenal.  Goal.com reported that Velez Sporting Director spoke and said that if “Arsenal come, well… then you have to tell the player ‘look, you deserve it’. Ricky has a lot to win.”

There are reports that say Arsenal will announce three signings next week: 1Ricky Alvarez 2Gervinho 3Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.  So we have our attacking signings just about out of the way if this is true.  My only concern is our striker position when Bendnter leaves.  With both Chamakh and Gervinho at the African Cup of Nations, will we do okay with Van Persie, Walcott, and Vela as our only strikers?

Either way, Arsenal need to do their transfer business quick, efficiently and SOON!

1.  Nasri is waiting!  Samir Nasri has said he wants reinforcements at the Emirates and this may be what it takes to get him to sign.  If Arsenal have decided he’s worth keeping (he is) then we must reinforce and show Nasri that we mean business and we want to be the best team in Europe.

2. We still have a Fabregas saga to get through.  This usually lasts the entire summer and not sure how long it will take this year for Barcelona to actually get him or give up on him when 40 million becomes to much for them to handle on their “top” target.  This saga usually just bores the crap out of everyone anyways so we just need to not see it anymore.

3. Preseason preparations!  There is no reason for us to be still making signings in the middle of preseason and when the season starts.  This summer is a window for Arsenal to make their signings and when preseason comes along it is important that the team can play together and work well together.  If it’s August 30th and we’re making a signing like Karim Benzema it may take a lot longer for him to adjust to the team, along with the tough Premier League.  It doesn’t pay for us to make late signings.

So what does this all mean for transfers?  Well if we get our 3 next week, we still have a Center Back to buy and it looks like Wenger has his heart set on buying English.  Jagielka is the latest to be linked with us and as far as the three we’ve been linked with, none will come cheap.  For me, we’d be better with Mertesacker, Sakho, or Vertonghen, maybe even Zapata.

Another need is a defensive midfielder.  I’ve posted things on who can backup Alex Song, but there might be one who could overtake Alex in the midfield.  Unfortunately Arsenal have waited to long to try and buy Gokhan Inler who is soon to sign with Napoli.  Either way, we must look for a new defensive midfielder.  Matuidi or Sven Bender would be my two top targets but Dortmund would never let Bender go…unfortunately 😉

On a different note there has been talk of Alvarez being a replacement for Cesc Fabregas.  I dont’ think so because I think Arsenal haven’t given up on keeping him yet.  If they do let him sign for Barcelona they will either use Nasri to fill in this role and continue developing Ramsey or they will go out and find another midfielder to replace him.  We could soon see a bit of a formation change as well and possibly two strikers up top!


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