Blaise Matuidi on the Arsenal Radar…Apparently

So in the last week we’ve been linked once again with French Midfielder Blaise Matuidi.  The defensive midfielder has been on the Arsenal radar for sometime and I’ve seen the quotes from Matuidi over the last week a few times.  Each time the headline is that Matuidi wants to move to Arsenal…I’m still wondering how they got that from this…

“I am flattered by the interest from clubs abroad and I have always loved the Premier League. It is the best league in the world, so exciting. I really want to be part of that.”

One of them even said, Blaise Matuidi has told Arsene Wenger he wants to sign for Arsenal with this comment…where did he say it?  He said he wants to come to the Premier League, but there are like 3 other teams besides Arsenal linked with him.

Now I would love for Arsenal to grab him as I think he would do well for us, but I have to say it may be a long shot for us getting a defensive midfielder at all!  Matuidi had a great season with St. Eti…um…Ettiene??  I don’t know, anyways, he was rated the best tackler in Ligue 1 and could prove very useful especially around the time Song is in Africa in January.

Newcastle, Everton and Liverpool have also been linked, not sure why Newcastle though…I think they have enough midfielders to get playing time as it is.  Anyways, Arsene Wenger SHOULD be kicking himself because Matuidi would have cost us between 7-10 million last year and now his price tag has gone up to 15…(we could have really used him last year!)

With the arrival of Alvarez imminent along with Gervinho, possibly Chamberlain as well that could deplete us of much of our transfer budget to even get Matuidi.  We still have a must signing  in the defender department.

Unfortunately, there’s no youtube videos of Blaise except for one left footed shot so we hear all these good things about him but most of us haven’t even seen him play much.  I watched him play for France last month and he looked good but would he fit in at Arsenal?  Well he’s French…so probably!  Anymore info you have on the Blaise please do tell!


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