Cesc’s Paycut, Mata’s Skill, and Big Week Ahead

Pretty busy Sunday starting with news from Saturday in Cesc Fabregas could be taking a pay cut in order to get to Barcelona.  Fabregas will receive 15% of whatever transfer fee comes for him and he could be willing to give that up to Arsenal in order to make the move happen.  It’s also rumored he may take a pay cut, as well as no signing on fee so that it doesn’t put too much stress on the wage budget for Barcelona.  If he does give that up, Arsenal still only receive 33 million which still isn’t enough.

Barcelona will need to do a little better than that, but the Daily Mail is reporting that we already have a replacement lined up and that we’ve tabled an offer.  Now the likelihood of that is very little as the papers report we’ve tabled an official bid for many players and the teams will come out and say, “we haven’t received an offer from anyone.”

Alvarez is already being labeled the “new” Cesc Fabregas and he hasn’t even been signed up yet.  There is interest and we are still working with Velez to secure that signing, but Inter seem to be interested and what to get into a bidding war apparently.  It would be sad to see Alvarez throw away his career in the Italian league but it would be hard to secure him if Inter are involved.  Lets hope he has his heart set on Arsenal.

Alvarez though, is not the new Cesc Fabregas as he will need some adjusting to the Premier League and I’m not sure Wenger will even play him in the middle, he may go on the left and if Nasri stays, put him in the middle.  Who knows, we may even see a formationd change!.  Alvarez though doesn’t have the experience and skill yet of Fabregas although he will be a good signing

We’ve been linked with another replacement in Juan Mata.  It was only a couple months ago in which we were linked with him and a few reliable sources said we were in talks with Valencia.  So…it could be true.  Liverpool seem to have some pretty serious interest in him as well but I would love to see him in an Arsenal shirt.  I’ve always been a big fan and think he is what we need for our left wing.  He’s said to be a cushion for Fabregas departure.  He’s quick, talented, experienced for his age, and would be a great signing in my opinion

So it appears that it will be quite a busy week and I’m hoping we get the ball rolling quickly with a few announcements today.  Preseason starts very soon so we need to be seeing the signings coming through the door this week and next week.  The likes of Gervinho, the Ox, and Alvarez could all be seen coming through, and who knows who else.  We’ll hopefully be seeing the back of some players as well with Denilson leaving soon and Arsenal seem to be looking to do player + cash deals involving Denilson.  Bendtner needs to find a new team quickly as well.  Anyways, check out potential Arsenal target Juan Mata!


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