Get Mata Now!

The Spanish Play maker has had much speculation about his future with Valencia being in debt, and Liverpool making much of the noise.  Lately though Arsenal have stirred things with interest of an 18 million pound bid.  Whether that is true or not is irrelevant.  What is big is what Mata’s Father has said today.

“I know Arsenal is a big club, a very important club in England, always in the Champions League, but it’s up to any club to pay the required amount to Valencia. Then we can look at the proposals,”

“I don’t know if Valencia have received a proposal from Arsenal or any other club. We will wait to hear from them.”

Hopefully Arsenal is listening to this as well and saying , “we need to put the money down for this guy” regardless of Fabregas staying or going.  Mata is still young, has experience, and already is a top talent.  He is a player that Arsenal needs to get and not lolly gag while other teams take their shot at him as well.

It is believed that Mata has a 20 million euro release clause so if we can hit that, then he’s as good as ours.  It is a necessary transfer too especially with the form or Arshavin, and the possibility of Nasri and Fabregas leaving.  Mata can play in the middle but I see Wenger putting him out on the wing.  Now while Mata has distanced himself a bit from leaving Valencia this year, they will have to look at every offer they get for him as they are in such debt.

With the possible departure of Fabregas we will see some deflated Arsenal fans especially with the lack of transfer activity already!  Juan Mata would inject everyone with a little excitement for the new season.

Also quick is that Diego is rumored to be coming to the EPL a few days after I posted that Arsenal should get him.  Will he be coming to Arsenal?  Seems like a Wenger signing, cheap and talented.  Lets just hope he leaves his attitude at Wolfsburg.

Anyways, some big names linked recently and lets hope we have a few announcements in the next few days of arrivals.  Nothing else new really today…kind of boring and disappointing.



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