Fabregas Departure approaches, What Else Is New?

Well for a couple years now we’ve been hearing that Fabregas is leaving for his beloved Barcelona and now it may actually be happening.  Am I sad?  Definitely…but I’m happy for Cesc to be able to make his dream return.  His family is there, his friends are there, he’s wanted by his his teammates and its where he will be happy.  What I’m not happy about is that most Barcelona fans don’t even want him.  Most think the money should be put into their defense and that Fabregas shouldn’t be bought.

Well the ungrateful fans will figure it out why Barcelona are buying him soon enough.  While many think he will just be a squad player I think he will get a lot more playing time than many think.  One rumor I can’t confirm but did hear from a pretty reliable source has said that the fan shop has already cleared all of his Merchandise.  So, while Barcelona still need to cough up the dough and maybe a player, it looks all too imminent that he will leave.

Now to everything else!  The International transfer window opens on Friday and Arsenal look set to announce a couple signings then and there.  Alvarez a possibility, as well as Gervinho but none of this is official as it hasn’t been confirmed we’ve made solid bids on the players even.  It is important that we do announce a few signings on Friday though because preseason is rapidly approaching and we need our new players to get to know our others and get our chemistry together straight away.

News on our defense is that Wenger has put in bid that has hit the 17 million mark on Gary Cahill and his release clause.  I personally think we only need to buy 1 defender.  Out of the three we are most linked with Cahill is who I’d be happiest with as well as the majority of Arsenal fans.

Lastly, we are apparently monitoring Bayer Leverkusen midfielder Arturo Vidal who i said to be a replacement for Cesc Fabregas, but then again, so is Mata, and Alvarez so not sure this one has any truth to it.  Out of all our rumors recently this one is probably the least likely.

More tomorrow if anything actually happens tomorrow!


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  1. Vidal would be a great buy. A true pitbull, with some surprisingly impressive ball control and passing. He’s versatile and can play outside back as well as any midfield position. If a Fab leaves, a midfield of Song-Vidal-Nasri would look fantastic on paper and I think it would actually make Arsenal’s play even quicker and more importantly more physical as Vidal does not shy any contact.

    Bayern Munich is pursuing this gay hard and Vidal has announced that he would love to join Bayern. However, Bayer Leverkusen’s administration has said that while they cannot prevent him from leaving, they will not allow him to leave to a club within the Bundesliga. That might be the in for Arsenal. Of all the linked players for the Fab replacement, Vidal is the best fit, in my opinion.

  2. I agree that it would be great to see him in the team and it would look good on paper, not sure of the valid interest though…

  3. Right. Probably not too far fetched though. He’s stated that he wants to leave and Leverkusen has agreed to let him go, just not to a Bundesliga team.

  4. I would welcome him with open arms! Then I would buy his jersey

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