Transfers and What’s To come

Another wonderfully boring day so far for Arsenal fans, but hopefully a fairly busy one for Wenger and Gaz.  A few new stories and clarifications on transfers today and it looks like Arsenal may wait to even announce something until Friday.  Not surprising, what is funny is the papers posting that we’ll announce our new signings as “early as next week”  which they’ve been saying for the last month.

Good news though is that Lille have signed midfielder Dimitri Payet on a four year deal as they prepare for life without Gervinho.  From what it sounds like though is that we aren’t that serious yet but plan to.  The signings that are being planned and talked about have come under mixed feelings from most Arsenal fans as about half like Gervinho and the other don’t think he’s for Arsenal.  Same with Alvarez who has gotten more skepticism than any of Arsenal’s links so far.

My thoughts on Gervinho is positive especially with his 15 goals and 10 assists last year, he would be a great addition especially if we went to a 4-4-2.  I think he and Van Persie could do great things together.  Alvarez has the potential and from the games I’ve watched, he’s the real deal (and yes I’ve watched full games not just Youtube).  I’m a fan of Ricky Alvarez and think once he adjusts to England he will be a dominant figure in the midfield.

Good news reported by the Daily Mail, whom I don’t really trust for Transfer Rumors but it’s developed in other places.  Gary Cahill is apparently in talks with Arsenal which is great potential news.  If we do get him we  will either break our transfer record with 17 million or else send a player the other way.  Cahill will definitely improve our defense and hopefully bring in some stability as well.  It will take some adjusting for him to the Arsenal team and playing in Europe but I see him as a good partner for Vermaelen.

The players mentioned in the Cahill deal that could be going the other way would be Miquel on loan (possibly) or Lansbury.  I know a lot of Fans were looking forward to seeing Lansbury this year, not sure they’ll get it though.

Most Arsenal fans would have thought we’d be rid of a few players by now but no departures as of yet.  Super rich PSG are now interested in Clichy now and are willing to pay 13 million pounds…soooo bye Clichy!  13 million pounds for Clichy will surely pay for a new left-back as well as make a profit off of him.

The Mirror is reporting that we could be losing Nasri and Fabregas in the same week!  If that happened, there would be quite the uproar!  I have a feeling Arsenal would lose many fans and would have some making up to do in the signing department.  I’ve already heard disgruntled fans angry because of the players we are getting aren’t good enough.  Well we’ll see what you saying when the season starts.


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