Vermaelen Play Left Back? I Think Not!

Lots of rumors still going on today and while I’d love to talk about it, you can just look at my last couple posts and it will basically cover it. Gervinho in London, Alvarez wants Arsenal move, Cesc wants Barca move and may get it and we might get Cahill…done.  New news is City want Clichy…so lets hike the price up to 25 mil 😉

This post I wanted to talk about our defense a little bit and with the potential signing of Cahill we will have quite a few Center Backs.  Some have suggested that we put Vermaelen as our left back for our departing Clichy.  I for one am very opposed to that, why you might ask?

1. He’s a center back, just because you have a left foot and play defense doesn’t mean your cut out for the left back spot.  Example would be Holger Badstuber of Bayern Munich.  He’s a Center Back who has played Left back for both Bayern and Germany.  In the World Cup he was benched for his pathetic performance and didn’t see much action the rest of the time.

2. Arsenal would be wasting his talent putting him on the left because of the attacking threat he poses.  He doesn’t pose that threat from the sides, but through the middle.  All of his shooting goals are from the middle and we haven’t even seen him cross a ball (although he can’t be much worse than Clichy or Sagna).

3.  Vermaelen’s speed, height, and physicality is all designed for a center back.  As a left back he would be as clumsy and out of place as Paul Robinson of Bolton.

4.  Our best defender should not be deployed on the outside, he’s the heart of the defense and is a leader for this team.  If Van Persie isn’t playing, he will be captain and needs to lead from the middle.

5. Because of the high line we play, his tactical maturity, anticipation, and basically his mentality in general makes him one of the best defenders in England.  Watching the last few games of the year I watched how much we really missed him and the way he can handle the balls over the top while Kos really struggles with them.

So in review, lets just BUY a left back…easier said than done I know but still…Vermaelen is not an option for me and I don’t think it is for Wenger either.


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  1. You don’t think that either Traore or Gibbs would be able to fill the gap if Clichy left. There just aren’t that many talented and experienced left backs out there. If you lost Clichy for only 13mil, I’m not sure you could find another equally good defender for anything near that. Yes, Clichy had a terrible season, but if you look at his overall performances at Arsenal, I would still consider him one of the top left-backs in the world.

    If you really lost Clichy, I think you would have to count on your two youngsters to fill his spot or really spend some big money. I think the young guns are the way to go. They’re both highly talented and with some consistent playing time on the highest level, who know what either of them would be capable of. Let them fight it out in pre-season and see who comes out on top.

    • Well Traore is still yet to impress so this may just be his chance, Gibbs is hurt so much he’s so fragile. Personally I’m a big fan of Clichy and everyone says he had a bad season…when in reality…he had the most successful tackles in the team and got more crap than he deserved…I agree the fee may be quite high though, especially with good, experienced ones hard to come by so all in all…we should keep Clichy but he clearly wants out 😦

  2. And yes I agree…Vermaelen in left back is just stupidity.

  3. Traore was pretty bad last season when he did come in. And Gibbs is still quite inconsistent.

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