Transfers: Gervinho Confirms He’s Coming, Alvarez Hopes He is

Well the International Transfer Window is open, well it is in 18 minutes in America, but anyways today was more of a player out kind of rumor day than player in.  We have a new player in our game and one we’re oh so familiar with.  It seems we like to sell to two clubs…Barcelona, and Manchester City.  The latest is that Clichy will be going to City and it appears to basically be a done deal.  Arsenal have accepted it and we will take 7 million pounds for him.

Staying with City,  it appears they want in on Nasri as well and I’m going to be honest, I think he will go as well.  sCity or United seem to be his choices and while a report came out saying City have distanced themselves away from that kind of talk, there weren’t any quotes saying so.  Where would they fit in Nasri anyways?  Man U I can understand as they need a player like him in the middle but City?  Not sure they need him, but if he goes there he will reportedly be making 160 a week…

Sorry I’m such a downer today, in more positive news Gervinho has confirmed that he will be joining Arsenal and said this in an interview.

“I have chosen Arsenal because it’s a young squad, in which I can adapt easily. I can be happy there, I am going to Arsenal to play. I will be part of the game. I’m not going to Arsenal to be on the bench. I am not taking a risk by going there. I am going there to play — and I am going there to win.
“There are only few details to check, but it won’t take long. I never had any hesitation, but in every transfer deal there is a time to analyse, think, discuss. Things can move slowly in that period. It’s only after all that, when you sign.”

I’ve heard too many people not looking forward to the arrival of Gervinho who are looking for superstars to come in with so much talk of Fabregas and Nasri leaving.  I on the other hand can’t wait to see Gervinho play, he’s got so many good qualities and has had a great season and I think we’ll see those being negative thinking differently in a couple of months.  Not to mention he WANTS to be at Arsenal, and he is willing to work hard because sitting on the bench is unacceptable.  For Bendtner, sitting on the bench was unacceptable, but working hard wasn’t part of it, it was his “natural talent.”

Also our other transfer target Ricky Alvarez has posted on his official Twitter account (which was confirmed to be his) that he wants an Arsenal move.

“I would love to play for Arsenal, it would be a dream for me, God willing it will happen!”

Another player who WANTS to be at Arsenal.  They are who we should be celebrating and getting excited for.  Alvarez obviously has talent and will definitely fit in well at Arsenal.  For those thinking we aren’t getting superstars, you don’t really know that…sorry Arsenal haven’t shelled out 30 million for Gourcuff who had a terrible year.  We don’t know Wenger’s plans and we should just be patient until the season and see what we get.

Losing Fabregas and Nasri doesn’t mean we have no chance, it means we have work to do!  Until…well later today!


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  1. Only 7 million for Clichy? Are you joking me? Ugh, that hurts. It will be really hard to find anyone near that talent for that kind of money. Not too many good news surrounding Arsenal right now. I’m just hoping that Arsenal will get at least one solid center back. Sell Fab to Barca for 35mil plus + Thiago would be great as well. Thiago is a very promising talent and the money for Fab could be used to snatch up Vidal and still have room for more adjustments if needed. The Fab ordeal just has to final be done so that the team can prepare for next season and Nasri knows that he’s needed in the center, where he really wants to be.


    Sagna—- Vermaelen—Cahill—-New Signing (Gibbs)

    Song—Vidal (Wilshere)

    Walcott ———-Nasri——–Gervinho (Arshavin)

    Van Persie

    I’d be pretty pumped about this kind of line up. And with players like Diaby, Chamakh, Ramsey, and even Rosicky coming off the bench…not bad. Lets hope it all works out.

    • Agreed 7 mil hurts but with him being in his last year they can’t do much I guess…Thiago is pretty out of reach now too 😦 with Barca giving him a new contract and an 88 mil release clause…they will get a solid center back and I would love Vidal in there…its a very good lineup but the problem hasn’t always been our starting 11 its been our rotational players because they haven’t been good enough to come in and win games when they’re needed 😦

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