Is Arsenal Target Ricky Alvarez Heading For Inter?

Unfortunately he may be very likely an Inter player next week…know why? THEY ACTUALLY GET THEIR DEALS DONE!  While everyone is standing still with you Arsene Inter came in and took your target that you’ve been scouting for three years!  One that’s been a target all summer may not get the chance to live his dream and be an Arsenal player because of an extra million or two!

Hope is not lost yet though, as a bid was put through for about 10.3 million and Velez is still hoping for a little more and will wait.  Some are reporting that it’s been accepted but Velez wanted more than 10.3 from us so I don’t think they will make an exception for Inter.  Alvarez’s agent said “Alvarez to Inter is a possibility” and the Palermo President ONCE AGAIN has come out saying Alvarez is actually an Inter player.  Funny because as you were doing these interviews complaining about how you missed out on him, YOU COULD HAVE GOTTEN HIM!

It will  be very sad if Ricky goes to Inter.  Not just because we missed out on him, but because a talented player like that is going to waste his career in a terrible league like the Serie A.  There’s a reason they lost a Champions League spot people, its terrible to watch, not as competitive, don’t fill their stadiums, usually a couple fans die per game!  So Ricky, you can still turn them down and hold out for Arsenal and play in a better league if you’d like!


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