Clichy Departs And All Of The Sudden We’re Screwed?!

Gael Clichy has left Arsenal today and joined Manchester City.  He’s the first player to leave and all of the sudden we have an exodus on our hands.  We’re screwed and we’re not even going to make the top 4 next season, we’re declining and lets fire Wenger blah blah blah…we were expecting Clichy to leave!  It’s been known for some time that he rejected the contract offers, we knew for the last week or so that he’d be a City player soon enough!  We haven’t even lost Fabregas or Nasri yet!

Even though we probably will lose both, our season has already been written off.  Wenger still has players to buy and buy he will especially if those two need to be replaced.  I don’t believe he will buy  new left back like many are  thinking he’ll go for Enrique.  One thing that does concern me is the Alvarez deal.  Word is the transfer fee has been agreed from Inter, and Arsenal and even a few more teams and its just down to him to see who he chooses.  Inter is a big team and it would be sad to see him waste his career in Italy, such a pathetic league…

I do have hope though based on the fact that he has already publicly said he wants to be a Gunner…so why isn’t he yet?  Well Inter can probably offer him more money.  Most people are expecting him to choose Inter also but I’m hoping he chooses the right way in Arsenal.  It would be a letdown for Arsenal if he was to choose Inter and we would have to refocus our efforts on someone else.  Unfortunately we’re being linked with all these players that aren’t good enough for Arsenal because the Media is a bunch of Arsenal haters these days.

Gervinho should be confirmed before we take off for Asia but Nasri and Fabregas may be confirmed leaving before that as well so it may put a sour note on a good player coming to Arsenal.  I am excited for Gervinho, and I even watched a few games last night and holy crap is he fast, not to mention he’s a good player and will fit in well with our style.  If we could get Hazard though, it would make up for Fabregas and Nasri leaving, that guy can absolutely dominate defenses!  It’s a very long shot for getting him but its a must for Wenger and Arsenal.  So I look forward to tomorrow to more madness and turmoil in the Arsenal camp when Cesc has meeting with Wenger and Nasri arrives soon enough!


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